A woman gave me a couple of generous samples of Amouage Gold. One of the first things I thought of was Vintage Tabarome. I love Amouage Gold but don't like it as much as V Tabarome. V Tabarome seems a little brighter. Amouage Gold has the soft floral element that makes it a little different also. I've never seen a pyramid for V Tabarome. I know about the green tea, pepper, tobacco and ambergris. Seems like there must be some bergamot or something like that in there. Amouage is classy stuff but absurdly priced. Approx. $200 for 1.7 oz. No question that the ingredients are the finest and the construction is also of the same quality. Great stuff but not compelling enough to spend that kind of money.

Just surprised to find a similarity in these two scents. At least upon first impressions.

On another note. The Creed website doesn't mention ginger as an ingredient in Tabarome Millesime, although I've seen ginger mentioned several places before. I like T Millesime but am always thinking of the rather prominent ginger note. Perhaps Creed wanted to re-direct people's attention to the other ingredients, as it mentions sandalwood, patchouli, vetiver, green tea, mandarin and lemon, but no ginger. ? Intriguing.

In New Guinea, Shamans say incantations over ginger leaves, which are thought to lend allure to the man who rubs them on his face and body.