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    Default Name the BEST Bond

    This line debuted in 2003 to considerable buzz, both here and in the perfume world in general.

    For starters, this exclusive line is American, which is pretty rare for high-end perfumery. Its founder had a Creed pedigree. Its bottles were striking. The marketing/business model--naming the frags after specific NYC neighborhoods--seemed clever and fresh. Finally, the perfumes were quite expensive. QUITE expensive.

    Then, as they came out, and people bought and wore them, it seemed a lot of the excitement subsided. The general consensus seemed to be that most of them were good fragrances, if not great; that a few were quite blatant ripoffs of Creed fragrances, and most were simply not worth the price.

    Still, out of so many scents, a few genuine hits emerged.

    I have sampled most all of them and am not a big fan. Still, what's the ONE FRAG from this line that you think is an unqualified success, a masterpiece of perfumery that will some day be decribed by Milamber as a "classic of scent?"

    New Haarlem has gotten a lot of buzz here and I do like it, but it's not original to me and it's kinda an over-syrupy/overcooked gourmand that, while I enjoy wearing it, it' guessed it, not worth the money.

    My vote is for H.O.T. Always. Ginger, patchouli, sandalwood, civet, bergamot and other notes combine to make up an original, spicy, warm, lonmg-lasting and distinctive fragrance. THIS is the one bottle I would actually buy.

    How about for you?

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    Default Re: Name the BEST Bond

    I sampled lots of them, but only Chinatown proved bottle worthy. I'm not sure it's a masterpiece, but I love it anyway!
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    Default Re: Name the BEST Bond

    I have sampled many of the Bond No. 9 fragrances. *I must admit that I am also not a big fan of this house. *In my opinion, the best Bond No. 9 is Wall Street. *I wouldn't mind having a bottle or decant of Wall Street, but frankly, its pretty far down on the list of fragrances that I would like to acquire.

    I would bet that many people would say that New Haarlem is the best Bond No. 9. *However, I would not agree with that judgement. *I love the way New Haarlem smells when it is sprayed on a card. *It is just so mouth-wateringly delicious with notes of coffee, cedar, vanilla, lavender, and bergamot. On the card, it’s a wonderful gourmand; some would even argue that it is the best gourmand ever. *But when I eventually sprayed New Haarlem on my skin --- then it was a completely different story, and the fragrance was not at all attractive. *New Haarlem is absolutely fantastic….until it is applied to my skin.

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    Default Re: Name the BEST Bond

    Hmm. Tough question, not because I like so many of them, but because they've all left me a little disappointed. HOT Always was the biggest disappointment to me; it smells a lot like a Downy dryer sheet on me, and the more so the more it dries. Wall Street bothered me because it just didn't match up well with its name - too fruity and sweet for something called "Wall Street." All the other 5 or so that I tried didn't even make enough of an impression to be mentioned. So, almost by default it's New Haarlem...and I'm not even a fan of gourmand scents. Not sure it would be bottle worthy though.

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    Default Re: Name the BEST Bond

    Sean Connery, hands down. ;D

    There is no Nose....

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    Default Re: Name the BEST Bond

    lol! Good one OO.

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    Default Re: Name the BEST Bond

    Quote Originally Posted by OlfaOmega
    Sean Connery, hands down. ;D

    Ahhhhh crud, exactly what i wanted to post... Beat me to it. :P

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    Default Re: Name the BEST Bond

    For Your Eyes Only. To me, it will be THE hot always. (eh) :-[

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    Default Re: Name the BEST Bond

    Quote Originally Posted by Ballardbeau
    lol! Good one OO.
    Couldn't resist!
    There is no Nose....

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    Default Re: Name the BEST Bond

    imho the best is chinatown all the rest doesn't worth much attention

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    Default Re: Name the BEST Bond

    Quote Originally Posted by OlfaOmega
    Sean Connery, hands down. * ;D *


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    Default Re: Name the BEST Bond

    New Haarlem for me, a Gourmand one can relish from breakfast 'til ready for dinner in terms of longevity. The olfactory caffeine rush helps in the whole process. ;D

    Close your eyes, so you can see what you're smelling.

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    Default Re: Name the BEST Bond

    Central Park, hands down. Haven´t tried all of them, but this one is very pleasant. By no means a masterpiece and probably not worth full retail, but this one is a green unisex floral with some masculine sweetness to it. Sparkling, optimistic - nice!


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    Default Re: Name the BEST Bond

    New Haarlem, because it's got all the good things in life, lavender and coffee. And I'm a fan of Maurice Roucel. The rest I sampled( Grammarstr., Hot Always,Chez Bond, EdNY,Wall Str.Hamptons)are ok, but noth worth the price. Haven't sampled Bleecker and Central Park though.

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    Default Re: Name the BEST Bond

    Ahhh, that's what I thought, Sean Connery! *lol*

    Another question qould be which Bond would Bond wear... And do you have to have a valid license to kill to buy a Bond scent?!? ;D

    Seriously, I wanted to buy a Bond scent as well and they sell them at, but considering the price, you could get TWO(!!!) Creeds, no thanx, not for me...

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    Default Re: Name the BEST Bond

    I'm probbaly only one, but I think Eau de New York is an excellent citrus scent. It's NEVER worth the price, but I think I would buy it if it were of sensible price.

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    Default Re: Name the BEST Bond

    For winter, my favorite Bond scent is New Haarlem. For spring/summer, my favorite would be Bleeker Street. The rest don't stand out to me much.

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    Default Re: Name the BEST Bond

    I'd never buy these just because they're simply "OK" scents & WAY overpriced...but I like Little Italy and Hamptons.
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    Default Re: Name the BEST Bond

    I don't think any are worth what they charge, but from the few I tested I would have to say New Haarlem.

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    Default Re: Name the BEST Bond

    Without question, it would be Hamptons. Sharp, aquatic, long-lasting with really great sillage. Everythng Silver Mountain Water (and possibly Erolfa) should be, but isn't.

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    Default Re: Name the BEST Bond

    I'd probably spring for a bottle of Wall Street, perhaps Little Italy and maybe even Eau de New York if they weren't bank-breakingly expensive. The others I've tried - and I certainly haven't tried them all - haven't done much for me.

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