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    Default In search of the elusive frag

    A while back at a wedding reception, I smelled an awesome scent and could not find the guy who was wearing it. I was feeling a bit weird tracking him down to ask him. ;D I was thinking of my Basenote brothers with a smile on my face while looking for him. I gave it up and enjoyed the party. Have you all experienced that where you are looking for that one elusive frag that you just love but could not find it?

    Anyway, it somewhat reminded me of Obsession but it was not. I know Obsession well. There was something in it though that I just love. I have a feeling it was an older gent and it was not any of the newer fragrances out there today. Any help?

    Thanks guys!
    Peace ~ Markymark

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    Default Re: In search of the elusive frag

    Hmmm. Can you elaborate? Was it the ambery notes that was like Obsession that you liked, or was it the more sharp and spicy notes in there?

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    Default Re: In search of the elusive frag

    Just shots in the dark here, but it may have been Gucci Envy or JHL. Both have similar qualities in the middle notes.

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    Default Re: In search of the elusive frag

    Must have been the ambery notes -- not the spicy/sharp notes. *I appreciate your help guys. *It's kind of fun looking for the scent that you like. It also seemed to have a touch of Escada PH in it too. I've never tried Envy or JHL. *I will now. *
    Peace ~ Markymark

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    Default Re: In search of the elusive frag

    It could have been my SotD, really. Check it out man!

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    Default Re: In search of the elusive frag

    Maybe Must de Cartier Homme?

    I haven't smelt this but imagine that it is similar to the Must de Cartier parfum for women which is deep dark and resinous and definitely not for the faint hearted. I love it!
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    Default Re: In search of the elusive frag

    KL Homme?

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    Default Re: In search of the elusive frag

    I find Envy quite similar to Obsession, with Obsession with a sweeter dry down and Envy having more of a smoky drydown.

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    Default Re: In search of the elusive frag

    I did smell frags that I couldn't find them afterwards and I tried many niche and generic, of course I would feel embarassed as hell if I aked some dude what scent he is wearing, no f*g way!

    Once I smelled something herbal, mystical, loud, refreshing couldn't put my finger on it I think it smelled somewhat of costume national's scent, but not quite...any similar frags to that one?

    and I once smelled something an older gentleman was wearing something exotic, ripe mangoes, but not cloying or sweet, marine notes, sea salt, rich, refreshing, woodsy... dunno it beats me

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    Default Re: In search of the elusive frag

    I may have likely found it: GEIR! It came in the mail today from Viijay! I am in love with it. Thank you Maisonstinky!!! Fresh, soothing with a hint of oriental and lasts a long time - going on 6 hours with a few dabs on the back of my hand from the sample.
    Peace ~ Markymark

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