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    Default Miller Et Bertaux

    Hello All ;D

    Since I've become a member of Basenotes I've really enjoyed reading all your posts, and have had fun sampling niche fragrances I never would have known about. My last samples from Aedes:

    LV: Piper Nigrum, Spezie, Musk, Sandalo
    SMN: Musk
    SL: Douce Amere, Daim Blond
    Etro: Palais Jamais

    The next set of samples I'll be ordering will be:
    TDC: Bois D' Iris
    LV: Yerbamate, Incensi
    Parfums Del Rae: Eau Illuminee
    Miller Et Bertaux: L'Eau De Parfum #2 - Spiritus/Land
    SL: Iris Silver Mist
    Mark Birley for Men

    I'm really looking forward to the next samples (especially the Bois D' Iris and Iris Silver Mist ). I haven't seen any postings about Miller Et Bertaux on the site, and they're not listed in the directory. Has anyone tried these? Would appreciate your thoughts/opinions. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Miller Et Bertaux

    I have a sample of Miller et Bertaux #2 - it smells like a Japanese restaurant. Lots of ginger and other undientifiable spices. I'd love it as a scented candle, but not something I'd wear.

    Bois D'Iris is great, I think I'm going to get that one soon. Very soft, dark, velvety, not powdery at all. I only have a sample of it but it doesn't seem to last too long, though. The Different Company's Osmanthus and Rose are amazing as well.

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    Default Re: Miller Et Bertaux

    Thanks for the info. I think I'll pass on a fragrance that smells of Japanese restaurant. :P

    So far most of the niche frags that I've sampled and liked haven't had the best lasting power or sillage, with the exception of LV Musk, so I'm hopeful for my next set of samples. ;D

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    Default Re: Miller Et Bertaux

    I'm sampling Miller et Bertaux Parfum Trouve - #1.

    Despite comments a read elsewhere about it being very woody or very much like a spicy kitchen, it is not playing that way on my skin. For me florals are in front with the woods and spices shaping them. And there is also some fruit-like sweetness, but I'm not sure what is producing that.

    Overall, a very interesting, well-balanced, but slightly illusive fragrance. Suitable for either sex. I don't think I would buy it, but I plan to test it again.

    Notes are white lily, black iris, ylang ylang, rose, chutney spices, cedar, sandalwood and musk.

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    Default Re: Miller Et Bertaux

    Yerbamate might just be the most comforting scent I have ever witnessed. It's so beautiful and very wearable.

    And oh yeah, my advice is that you should use the whole sample of given scent before deciding on purchasing it. Also, don't give up on fragrance if you don't like it on first wearing.

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    Default Re: Miller Et Bertaux

    I'm pretty sure you can't get Iris Silver Mist from Aedes - it's only sold in Paris... Sorry buddy!

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