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    Default Safran Troublant

    Thoughts on this one?

    When would you see yourself wearing it? When would you see yourself not wearing it?
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    Default Re: Safran Troublant

    Nice lightly sweet perfume for casual surroundings.
    I would wear it with a loved one , at a casual dinner , by the fireplace , maybe eating paella ( to highlight the saffron!) .
    I wouldn't wear it for anything formal or a grand evening out.

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    Default Re: Safran Troublant

    Yes, casual situations seem appropriate for it, I've worn it to the office as well, the milk/vanilla note is soothing, while the saffron is lively but not at all sharp. Longlasting, but is a bit transparent, so I think it's not "stuffy" enough for formal gatherings IMO.

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    A very nice, warm and quite long-lasting but not overpowering milky scent. Suitable for many occasions, I also wear it to the office; maybe a bit too light for clubbing or evening events.

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    for me this is suitable for every occasion the sillage is good but not overpowering i preferably would wear it in the summer maybe when i'm on holidays

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