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    Today I wore GIT for the first time ever (thanks Vegas), and absolutely felt like a million bucks, but two (two!) different women asked me whether I was wearing Abercrombie. Now I dont know if A&F has more than one frag for men or if there is only one, but has anyone else encountered this particular comparison? (And if so, which Abercrombie scent might they be referring to? I havent smelled any of them.)

    Ordinarily I'd play this off as just a random occurance, but two comments within an hour of each other are just too much to ignore.

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    That's a new one - I thought you were going to say it reminded them of Cool Water. As for the A@F frag, they likely mean Fierce. It's a smokin' hot frag with the younger lads, but they may have A@F on the brain and associated your very fine frag (GIT) with it smelling hot.
    Peace ~ Markymark

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