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    Default mugler colonge and gendarme...?

    Is there even a difference? They are often mentioned on the boards together, and the descriptions are almost the same, despite pretty different listed notes. I know i should just go smell them, but Nordstrom (etc) is clear across town and i'm just curious.
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    Default Re: mugler colonge and gendarme...?

    There is an absolute difference, Mugler Cologne smells like vintage colognes once used in barber shops, think 4711 inspired, Gendarme is a whole different kind citrusy, soapy clean smell. Gendarme and Live Jazz are somewhat comparable.

    I know that some will disagree but I hate Cologne by TM.

    Gendarme V on the opther hand is different, it starts off like citrus/pine (cleansing agent type) but it quickly developes into a fresh soap bar scent (Ivory), to leave you with soft baby powder scent and a hint of leather, it wears better that the original gendarme

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    Default Re: mugler colonge and gendarme...?

    Huge difference

    Odeur 53, which I'm glad to see you are a happy owner of, is closer to Gendrame then Thierry Mugler Cologne I'd say, but still far apart. Gendarme is really a non-scent, just like Odeur 53, but I don't want to take it much further. Thierry Mugler Cologne is all about soapy citrus notes to me (very nice though, just like the Gendarme).

    Edit: Oh and I've noticed people referring to Gendarme as citrusy, but I really wouldn't want to refer to it as such. There is a citrusy vibe over it, but so well balanced with everything else that I'd never put it together with other citrus scents.

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    Default Re: mugler colonge and gendarme...?

    I've only smelled Gendarme on a card, so I can't say too much about it though I do remember thinking it was a bit boring. I have sampled TMC numerous times and am absolutely in love. It is soooooooooo clean smelling but somehow doesn't feel like any of the other "clean" scents. I will surely have this one by the time summer hits full stride it is one of my favorites. I think it is possibly the most versatile scent of all time and is just overall great. Try both out, there is probably a reason Gendarme has so many fans.

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    Default Re: mugler colonge and gendarme...?

    I agree that there is a huge difference between the two,

    Mugler Cologne- citrus zesty opening into a skin musk cleanliness

    Gendarme- flowery, fresh laundry cleanliness

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