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    Default Recommend me new evening scents

    My wardrobe is currently filled with all the YSLs, and most classic stuff like UIII, A*men etc. So I wan't to try something more modern and sort of unknown but I'm not ready for the niche stuff yet. Pls recommend me a few things worthy of attention from the modern range. Is the following any good? Kenneth Cole black/signature/reaction, Vera Wang, Zegna Z, Aigner Black, Davidoff Silver Shadow, Marc Jacobs & Dupont Singature. Also thinking of getting a Guerlain but can't decide between Heritage and L'Instant, Pls help. :-?

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    Default Re: Recommend me new evening scents

    Kenneth Cole Signature will make an excellent propellant for your potato gun but try to avoid contact with skin
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    Default Re: Recommend me new evening scents

    kenneth cole black is not bad, but definately not for evenings - it's a citrusy one, but with something a little different underneath which sets it apart for me. don't bother with silver shadow - it's boss "bottled" with a little something extra that'll make you feel sick, so stick to the boss if you like it, but again more of a daytime one i reckon. give l'instant a go, but test it on your skin if possible cos it smells great on paper, but changes to something darker on my skin, but dark is good for evenings. if you wanted something somewhat similar to l'instant but without the dark woods then maybe allure would be worth a try - it's my favourite and it's special enough for evenings (with each sniff a different scent emerges) but you wont be abused for wearing it during the day either.

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    Default Re: Recommend me new evening scents

    try Comme des Garçons Man 2 ....amazing evening scent and lasssssssssssstsss 4ever !
    cheers !

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    Default Re: Recommend me new evening scents

    I love L'Instat and would rather own that then Herritage any day. YOu like the powder note so maybe Armani Code would work for you. Gucci pH is another good one. Evening scents are anything you wear in the evening so anything will work.

    I think of Marc Jacobs as a sunny beach scent because of the coconut but in the right humidity it could work at night. I don't really think it is very classy so if you are doing something nice then you might want to stay away.

    I think the Bvlgari Black is amazing and works wonders for evening accord. My girlfriend wore it tonight and I loved it on her. It was so sweet but not too overpowering. I would try that one out too.

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    Default Re: Recommend me new evening scents

    Dior Homme, Armani Code speak class and women dig it

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    Default Re: Recommend me new evening scents

    LV Musk is my favourite evening scent. It's almost perfect, only problem seems to be that I can't help sniffing myself all the time. I think I give an impression of a strange pervert when wearing it, very good smelling pervert that is.

    :-/ :-[

    I've done some testing, it takes about 40 minutes to settle down properly on me, so give it some time and you wont be dissapointed. It's very sweet at first but dries down to perfection.

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    Default Re: Recommend me new evening scents

    My goodness, man, you must try Egoiste and Antaeus, both by Chanel.

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    Default Re: Recommend me new evening scents

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    Default Re: Recommend me new evening scents

    Chanel Antaeus
    Creed Bois du Portugal
    Baldessarini Eau de Cologne Concentrée
    Gucci Envy
    Davidoff Zino
    Michael Kors
    Guerlain L'Instant

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    Default Re: Recommend me new evening scents

    I second Guerlain L'Instant! Amazing and long lasting scent!
    S.T. Dupont Signature is great! A favourite of mine! I love its sweetness (vanilla + incense). Good lasting power.
    You must try Antaeus too: smoky berryness!
    Also recommend:
    1. Michael Kors
    2. Krizia Uomo
    3. Hermès Rocabar
    4. Mont Blanc Presènce
    5. Carlo Corinto (if you're an Azzaro fan)

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    Default Re: Recommend me new evening scents

    My favorite evening scents are:

    Aramis Havana

    Hermes Bel Ami

    Hermes Equipage

    Jean Pascal Homme

    Creed BdP

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