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Thread: What For When?

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    Default What For When?

    I have a question for which of these I should wear at different times. I have decided:

    Armani Code: School/Everyday [cant wear UV man as is already used my someone in the same vacinity]
    Ultraviolet Man: More formal events
    Romance Silver: Evening Wear
    Burberry London: Day wear

    Do you think I should re-arrange these for differnt times?

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    Welcome to the board!! ;D

    For me during the winter I wear Armani Code for day/evening, but when the warm weather comes I can still wear it for evening because it is light enough on me...Gio

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    Welcome to the boards!!

    I like Code for the evening/day wear as well. That is how I wear it. The others seem fine how they are. It is what works for you so if you like them at the time you wear them then go for it.

    I would suggest getting a few more so that you have alternatives. If you tell youself that Code is for the day then you only wear it durring the day. What if you don't want to wear it that day? You'll need some more bottles IMO. I always encourage buying lots more than you need. ;D


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    It seems like i always agree wit Envyus, but he's right, you need some more bottles if you really wanna round out your selection, for example if your really like Armani Code but don't think it is suitable for formal wear then i suggest you try Chanel Allure which to me is the grown-up brother of Armani Code, i love both of em and that is how i use them...Gio

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