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    A question for the Thirty- and Forty-Somethings:
    Although I own, use and like Fendi Uomo - I'm convinced they've done something to it.
    It was on the market in Europe for years, then it practically disappeared. Years later it was back: same packaging, same bottle, but something was different about the scent - or has my memory of the scent played tricks on me?? - Can anyone confirm or negate??

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    was worth a try...

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    Guess nobody wants to admit being a 30/40 something, but I'm with you here...the composition has changed to my nose too. Less potent, less virile...warmer notes are missing IMO, I'm pretty sure there was an ambery musky accord at the base, but now it's basically cumin patchouli and vetiver. I used to get at least 6 hours before it weakened, but now it's all chypre water. The glory is gone with a lot of early 90s scents. Wish my old bottle didn't go bad.

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    I still have the bottle of Fendi Uomo and remains one of my favorites along with Trussardi. I have not noticed any changes.
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