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    Default Melbourne Basenoters - Trumpers Sale

    Hi all,

    Ludlows in the city are having a 20% off sale of all their stock due to the relocation. Soaps, aftershaves, creams, colognes, everything. I picked up a tube of Violet shaving cream and a Rose soap refill. Amazing quality, very impressed. Should have tried some of their colognes though. But I got there just before they closed for a day.

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    Default Re: Melbourne Basenoters - Trumpers Sale

    Hi Alex,
    I did actually wander in there the other day when I saw the sign up. The only scent I was interested in was Trumpers Sandalwood (since it's the longest lasting one of the lot), and it was going for $80 for the 50ml bottle - which was the same price it was going for about 3 years ago, before they raised the prices. I was tempted to get it despite it's steep price, but then thought I could probably pick it up cheaper when I go overseas again next year. the guy did say to me that they wouldn't be carrying the scents after the relocation.

    The Trumpers shaving cream is definitely the absolute best I've ever come across - and I've tried an awful lot trying to find one that stopped the aggravation.

    Apparently David Jones are going to make the whole ground floor of where the men's clothing currently is, into some kind of scent paradise, the likes of which we haven't seen in Melbourne - which may explain fragrance happenings in town.

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