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    Default Wanna Know if Your Creed is a Fake?

    In a recent thread there was someone trying to figure out if their Creed was a fake (and it sounded like it was). We were comparing the box texture, quality of the paper used in the box, how it's embossed, whether or not the crest was convex or concave, etc. We learned that different fragrances in the Creed line and different "vintages" have different packaging, so it was hard to tell.

    Yesterday I was messing around with an ultraviolet LED keychain light I have (basically, a blacklight I can carry with me), and I was testing various things for reactivity to the light. Then I thought, "Hmm... I wonder if Creed does anything special with blacklight-reactive markings? After all, they probably get a few bottles sent back to them from people who think they got fakes (or unscrupulous individuals sending in fakes in hopes of getting the real deal sent back to them)." At first, I didn't really notice anything that would indicate such, until I looked at that soft "patch" thing that has the name of the fragrance on the front of the box. Under close inspection, I noticed it seems to have blacklight-reactive fibers embedded in it. The patch itself shouldn't be all that bright (it should be approximately the same color as the gold leaf surrounding it when viewed under blacklight only), but there should be numerous small white-ish (I think they're actually green-ish) fibers, and a few red looking ones (I only see two red fibers on mine). This is similar to the effect of holding a check under a blacklight, except the fibers are much finer on the Creed fuzzy name thinger (does it have a proper name?).

    Of course, this information is all for naught if my Creed happens to be a fake itself, but I'm pretty sure I got the real deal. Also, because Creed seems to vary things so much, it might not be applicable to all Creed fragrances. Hope this helps to put some of your minds to rest!

    P.S. If you're a Creed counterfeiter and use this information to make your fakes seem more real, you need to be shot, but not before we all beat the crap out of you for being a douchebag.

    Oh yeah, mine is a bottle of Acier Aluminum of 2003 "Vintage."

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    Default Re: Wanna Know if Your Creed is a Fake?

    I don't think my SMW package thing is fuzzy but i'll check when i get home. I'm pretty sure it's legit though.

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