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    Default Knize Forest and Ten

    Can anyone tell me which of these is better? I have never sampled them and it would be a complete blind purchase. I used to hear buzz around here about Ten but as I was reading about the knize fragrances, Forest sounding intriguing also. Are one of these worth the purchase or is something from YSL a better buy? Thanks to all that help!

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    Default Re: Knize Forest and Ten

    Knize Ten is the cat's pajamas--an excellent, rich, deep, multi-faceted fragrance that lasts and develops well--with nuances of leather, powder, floral, and woody notes. I tried Forest this week and was a bit disappointed--a coniferous green that seemed a bit thin to my nose actually. I did, however, find the spicy incense of Sec and the herbal vivacity of Two to be very good in contrast.
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    Default Re: Knize Forest and Ten

    Knize Ten is great. I don't pick up the leather notes and I think of it as a tobacco frag. I like the mandarin top notes and find it lasts all day. Closest thing to it that I can think of is Pierre Cardin Centaure Cuir Fougere [good luck finding that!], but Knize Ten has a lot more spice and complexity. Only problem is that is kind of on the expensive and difficult to find side, at least in the US. I got mine at a bargain price at; Caswell Massey was something like $20 more. It might be troublesome to wear during the summer.

    Haven't tried Forest or Sec.

    YSLs are typically great value. M7 is probably the closest to Knize Ten with the dark ambery notes, but I don't think they have anything like Knize Ten with the spice. YSL PH (or Haute Concentrate) would serve you well during the summer. I think you might also enjoy Kouros Fraicheur with the notable vetiver component in the drydown.

    Y'know I looked at your wardrobe and you don't have a lot of dark spicy sort of frags (save Antaeus). Knize Ten would fill that hole. Personally I think Antaeus is pretty light and works marvelously during the summer. I'm not sure Knize Ten would work so well during the summer, but you would have something for cooler weather.
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    Default Re: Knize Forest and Ten

    I can't detect the leather in Knize ten either. But it is a smokey tobaccoscent with floral hints. Roses perhaps?
    Not easily worn, but well crafted indeed. Very interesting as well.

    I haven't had the pleasure to try any of the other scents...
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    Default Re: Knize Forest and Ten

    I`d recommend to buy Knize Ten as it`s one of the best leather scents in whole history.

    You could try Knize Two as well - it reminds me Grey Flannel with leather dry undertones...
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    Default Re: Knize Forest and Ten

    "KNIZE "Ten" and ETROs "Gomma" could be sisters/brothers!

    If you got a chance to test Gomma you are close to Knize "Ten"!

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    Default Re: Knize Forest and Ten

    So, Knize Forest is a fresh/green/piney/minty cologne. It's rather similar to Pino Silvestre, but much more expensive and maybe a little more refined.

    Knize 10 is another beast (more suitable for fall/winter) and for me much better.

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    Default Re: Knize Forest and Ten

    Love the stuffy gentleman leather that is Ten. I get a strong leather note from it. Or should I say leather perfume note. It might not be very similar to the smell of cured leather but it does smell like the leather elements in lots of other leathers. Lasts a long time too. Etro Gomma is a bit simpler I think, but still nice. Haven't tried the other Knizes I'm afraid.

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    Default Re: Knize Forest and Ten

    I think previous posts give a very true description of Knize Ten. I am eventually starting to smell the leather note in this, and every time I use it I love it even more than the last time. Yesterday I had to spritz some on my wrist before going to bed, I badly needed it!

    At first I mostly got incense and rose, a bit of tobacco. But as I said I am getting more and more leather.

    All in all: pure sophistication.

    50 ml for 36$ incl. shipping on

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    Default Re: Knize Forest and Ten

    Knize Ten is way too much leather for me, which is why my bottle is in my swap list.
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    Default Re: Knize Forest and Ten

    for me knize ten is the best men fragrance in the world of all the ones i've tried since now ,i intend men range ,because i use a lot of unisex and females frags ,undoubtedly no men perfume can compare with this ,another male champion is rose d'homme

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    Default Re: Knize Forest and Ten

    I am a huge fan of quality pine scents, and they are very hard to find. If you want a lovely, fougere (mossy style) scent with herbal and pine notes, then do try Knize Forest. It is complex and very satisfying, whereas Pino Silvestere is very basic and one-dimensional.

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    Default Re: Knize Forest and Ten

    Thanks for your advice! I also find PS slightly blah.
    German Website:

    I am a little disappointed about the poor graphic quality of this site. Also, they should offer French and English switches
    in this century of the big village. The site is otherwise quite instructive. I hear the fragrance brand will be polished up a little
    to regain lost territory. Turin once called Knize Ten so perfect that nobody could ever improve it (exact source lost in my files).
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