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    Default (Dis)comfort scents?

    We all have our comfort scents - the ones we go to for centering or grounding or just because they make us feel good. But, what are the scents that you LIKE because they make you uncomfortable? For example, Czech & Speake no. 88 pulls me in with a sense of dread. Some of Lutens' scents make me uncomfortable with their exoticism; e.g., MKK with its intense dirtiness.

    Which ones do you like because they make you uncomfortable?

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    Default Re: Discomfort scents?

    Ungaro II upsets my equilibium but in sort of a good way.

    Kenzo PH gets me edgy and alert.
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    Default Re: Discomfort scents?

    Ungaro III. It makes me imagine I am young and venturing into a dark and mysterious forest.
    Slipping past a Do Not Enter sign I run barefoot down a damp dirt path. As a light rain begins
    to fall I quicken my pace, trampling wild flowers under my feet ...

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    Default Re: Discomfort scents?

    Jicky, absolutely. It sometimes makes me very nervous, but there is something which makes me coming back to it. Perhaps it`s that classy feeling I get out of it.

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    Default Re: Discomfort scents?

    I fell really dirty when I wear Kouros.

    When I wear Tabac Blond extrait, I fell like I just did something illegal.

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    Default Re: Discomfort scents?

    Quote Originally Posted by nsamadi
    I fell really dirty when I wear Kouros.
    Same for Givenchy Gentleman for me.
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    Default Re: (Dis)comfort scents?

    Zino: I feel indescent and dirty (of course, that doesn't stop me from wearing it LOL)
    Opium PH: I feel exhiliration and danger, like I'm in a classic movie set in North Africa...dervishes...the casbah...drug dealers...Pepe Le Moko would have worn this...
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    Default Re: (Dis)comfort scents?

    Bandit, no doubt about it! After the rose and carnation, it's this "man-or-a-mouse" determination to persevere over it's rubbery-leathery masochism. Haven't had a full wearing yet, always turning tail, running like a man sprayed by a skunk and desperately trying to wash it off. And yet I still spray it on me time and time again!

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