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    Default Need suggestions for my collection.

    The following are what I have in my wardrobe (brackets contain occasions I use them for):
    Casual: means Day time casual wear
    Evening: NOT formal, but just hanging out in the city and going to get togethers and such (maybe clubs)
    Formal: Weddings, Dinners, Banquets

    Armani – Aqua Di Gio (Summer/Spring/Fall - casual)
    Azzaro – Chrome (Summer/Spring/Fall - casual)
    Azzaro - Visit (Winter - Casual/Evening)
    Calvin Klein – Eternity (Summer/Spring/Fall - Evening/Formal)
    Chanel – Platinum Egoiste (Summer/Spring/Fall/Winter - Evening/Formal)
    Davidoff - Cool Water (Summer/Spring/Fall - Casual)
    Ermenegildo Zegna – Z (Summer/Spring/Fall - Casual/Evening)
    Giorgio Beverly – Wings (Summer/Spring/Fall - Casual/Evening)
    Gucci - Envy (Winter - Evening/Formal)
    Hugo Boss – Hugo (Summer/Spring/Fall/Winter - Casual/Evening)
    Issey Miyake - Summer Fragrance 2006 (Summer/Spring/Fall - Casual/Evening)
    Paco Rabanne – Paco Rabanne (Winter - Evening/Formal) *also haven't touched this in 2 years now*
    Perry Ellis – America (Summer/Spring/Fall/Winter - Casual)
    Perry Ellis – Portfolio Elite (Summer/Spring/Fall/Winter - Casual/Evening)

    I am thinking that there is a gap that needs to be filled. Maybe because I am addicted to building my collection. I don't know, but I keep thinking that I don't have all areas covered...keep thinking that somethings amiss.

    I am looking at the following and was wondering if I need them to fill in a/the gap(s).

    Luciano Suprani Uomo (this was my fav citrus cologne, more so than Acqu Di Gio and also probably more than my current fav Z-Zegna. Woulld this be suitable for evening wear for get togethers/dinners?)


    Armani Code

    Paco XS (if you can find it)

    Tommy Bahamas

    Hana Morae

    Romance Silver (how's the longevity on this one since i am really skeptical of Ralph Lauren's line of colognes when it comes to longevity. and would it be suitable for summer evening wear. Thank you).

    Polo blue (see above statement)

    Bulgair Black

    Salvatore Ferragamo pour Homme (your opinions on this one?)

    Apparition by Salvatore Ferragamo

    I really need something for the summer-evening wear. Do you think one of the frags in my wardrobe can play that role without me having to buy another to "fill" the gap...or maybe I need a winter casual frag....god my mind hurts thinking about this.....

    I am in my 20s (just to give you an idea of where my tastes might lie). I appreciate your time and input.

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    Default Re: Need suggestions for my collection.

    Of the ones you mention, I like Luciano Soprani Uomo, Geir, Armani Black Code, Tommy Bahama, Bvlgari Black, and Apparition. But the Apparition Homme I know is Emanuel Ungaro, and not Salvatore Ferragamo.

    The Soprani is kind of light, but very pleasant for daytime wear. The Geir is a sometime thing with me; sometimes I find the top notes slightly unpleasant. The Armani is nice for casual evening wear. The Bahama is a good all-around scent. The Bvlgari is more of a dress-up type thing. I really like the Ungaro. It goes through three distinct phases, and each one is a joy.

    So, keep supporting the fragrance economy, and above all, have fun!
    Yr good bud,


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    Default Re: Need suggestions for my collection.

    So I guess i'll look into Black Code for evening wear and Apparition for summer evening/formal. Now all I need to do is test their longevity and I'm set.

    PS yes Apparition is by Ungaro, my bad, i just hit the paste button thinking it was Ferragamo.

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    Default Re: Need suggestions for my collection.

    Polo Blue does in fact have longevity issues. Black code is "just ok", if you want to be distinctive look elsewhere. I really didn't like Apparition. Boring, and just plain not good. If you like the dryness in Platinum Egoiste, it's a lot like that (same perfumer) but with an annoying sweetness on top. I personally dislike both of those frags. I also don't really feel Bulgari Black too much. The amount of rubber in it is annoying and it it stays way too close to the skin and doesn't last long. Geir is awesome, you should try it. Another one you mentioned, Hanae Mori, is pretty good too. Pretty heavy though. Def test it out. While I like it, there are other gourmands I like better. I think narrowing yourself down so fast is a bad idea, try some more things out until you find some scents you really love.

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    Default Re: Need suggestions for my collection.

    I guess I'll be taking a few of those for test runs.

    Black Code is pretty common and you're right, I like to be different. Geir is very nice. Luciano, I just had a whiff, never really tested it out. I will be though, lol problem is that I've been to this Nordstrom so many times and tested out their frags without buying anything that I am beginning to turn into the guy who comes in tries everything out and never oh boy.

    appreciate the sincere advices.

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    Default Re: Need suggestions for my collection.

    Hey Cyber! You can find a tester of XS at for $19 - 3.4 oz. Awesome stuff!

    You also asked about Ferragamo -- I would say good not great IMO. I reminds me of the men's locker room smell at Lifetime Fitness - clean gym scent. Barely any sillage. It also smells very similar to Lacoste Essential after Essential dries down a bit. After the sweet top notes dry down, it is amazingly similar. Peace ~ mm
    Peace ~ Markymark

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    Default Re: Need suggestions for my collection.

    Quote Originally Posted by CyberAthlete
    Black Code is pretty common and you're right, I like to be different.
    If you want a more interesting/distinctive rendition of Black Code, I'd try Burberry Brit. Some might limit it to w fall/winter frag, because of its cinnamon and spice, but it is very fresh on top (bergamot i believe) and I wore it quite a bit last summer.

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    Default Re: Need suggestions for my collection.

    I'll have to try Burberry Brit once again. LOL the problem with me is that I go into a store to try one cologne and end up walking out with all kinds of scents all over me that I can't test a frag for longevity or drydowns....that's because i am covered in scents all over my arms.

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    Default Re: Need suggestions for my collection.

    Here some more suggestions:

    "L'eau pour homme" by S.T. Dupont (Summer/Spring/Fall - casual)
    "Elite" by Floris (Summer/Spring/Fall - casual)
    "Hammam Bouquet" by Penhaligon's *(Winter - Casual/Evening)
    "Racquets" by Penhaligon's *(Summer/Spring/Fall - Evening/Formal)
    "Eau de Vetyver" by Lancome (Summer/Spring/Fall/Winter - Evening/Formal)
    "Eaton College" Collection by Taylor of Old Bond Street (Summer/Spring/Fall - Casual)
    "Anteus" by Chanel (Summer/Spring/Fall - Casual/Evening)
    "d" by Dunhill *(Summer/Spring/Fall - Casual/Evening)
    "No. 88" by Czech & Speake - (Winter - Evening/Formal)
    "Paradisi" by Czech & Speake *(Summer/Spring/Fall/Winter - Casual/Evening)
    "Blenheim Bouquet" by Penhaligon's *(Summer/Spring/Fall - Casual/Evening)
    "Purple Water" by Asprey (Spring/Summer/Fall/ - *Evening/Formal
    "JFT" by Geo. F. Trumper (Summer/Spring/Fall/Winter - Casual)
    "Agua Fresca" by Adolfo Dominguez (Summer/Spring/Fall/Winter - Casual/Evening)
    "Aigner No 2" by Etienne Aigner (Summer/Spring/Fall - casual)

    My 5 favorites in June in no particular order:

    L'Artisan Parfumeur - Mandarine

    Penhaligon's - Juniper Sling

    Floris - Jermyn Street

    Asprey - Purple Water

    The Different Company - un parfum de Charme et Feuilles

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    Default Re: Need suggestions for my collection.

    As a fellow Basenoter that has majority Designer scents I think I would suggest either Geir or Bvl Black.

    I dont know all the frags u have (only 2 i havnt smelt). BUt in general I get the feel that very sweet frags arent for you. But both that I just suggested imho have a sweet quality to them. Both tempered so that they are not defined solely by the sweetness as Hanae MOri is. Which though I love the scent I think by what you have it might be to big of a leap. I adore wearing, but wouldnt be caught dead having another smell it on me.

    Geir is probably more of a all-around daytime scent with unbelievable lastabilitty. Not to mention it almost feels like 3 different colognes depending on how much you apply.

    BVL Black I LOVE, but havnt had the chance to give it a solo test for longevity. I plan on purchasing this scent after one of my current "sweeter" scents run out.

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    Default Re: Need suggestions for my collection.

    Paradeiserl, wow what a list, i'll need to print it out and go to Neiman Marchus or Nordstrom to see what they have...thank you everyone for your suggestions. Much appreciated.

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