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    Kiehl's Pour Homme essence oil came up in a thread a few weeks ago and I happened to have a bit left, so I thought I would give some thoughts on it. The Kiehl's website focuses on the Original Musk, and no real descriptions of their other essences.
    Pour Homme opens very sharp and bright with, as far as I can tell, geranium/clove spiciness. Herbal and clear. This begins to mellow into a warm garden smell of the leaves and earth, and smooth spices. This is where the fragrance stays for most of its long duration on my skin. I love it and used to wear it all the time. I live in London now, and the last time I checked, none of the Kiehl's oils were available here-only the EdT spray of O. Musk.

    You can buy it in America, but is expensive, much more so than O. Musk. I did find that my bottles lasted a long time, and were worth the investment. It was $56 or so for 1/4 oz. when I was buying it. I believe the website for Kiehl's has it at $58.50 now.

    If I were to summarize, Kiehl's is spicy and warm with clove-carnation-sun on geraniums in pot feeling...maybe a distant relation to Poivre.

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    Very nice indeed, have and cherish the shower gel version. Id say its pretty close to Azzaro PH and Rive Gauche, spicy and lots of clove. Masculine & simple, a casual feel good aroma.


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    Thanks denstyle for the clear description of Kiehl's PH. It certainly helps me to picture the scent in all its stages. It is surprising that Kiehl's doesn't give descriptions of their essences, beside Musk.

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    I always thought that as well. Luckily I could go to a Kiehl's counter and sniff away. They used to have a much bigger range of oils, including a sandalwood that I liked a lot. That was before the big corporate take over, of course.

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    Default Re: Kiehl's Pour Homme

    I love the shower gel. I remember an ex girlfriend who used to say "it smells like boys." She meant it as a compliment.

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