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    Default Alexander McQueen Kingdom Summer


    Any of you noters smelled this??? Give me the run down if you have...Thanks..


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    Default Re: Alexander McQueen Kingdom Summer

    I havent tried this yet but a couple of weeks ago i called the alexander mcqueen boutique in NYC to see if they had it. They didnt but the woman i spoke with took my name and number and said she would call me when it comes in and she would ship it out to me. I havent even seen it listed on ebay. It would definitely be a blind buy for me.

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    Default Re: Alexander McQueen Kingdom Summer

    So apparently there will be the eau de parfum, the eau de toilette, and a different limited edition each summer. It's good to see the Kingdom line is still active, even if it's only active on the other side of the ocean from us poor deprived Americans.

    Here's hoping L.A. gets an Alexander McQueen boutique very soon...

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    Default Re: Alexander McQueen Kingdom Summer

    Thanks for the replies.......I just happen to see it on the limited edition summer scents listed on I did not even know they were putting a summer one out there.


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    Default Re: Alexander McQueen Kingdom Summer

    I must say that personally, I felt last summer's Limited Edition wasn't suited for a man. It really seemed to me to be YSL Beauté's attempt to make a very masculine-leaning fragrance more feminine, just as they did with Nu. It was essentially a light ctirus floral. Unless a man has sampled last year's Limited Edition and liked it, I wouldn't recommend that he buys this year's blind, at least not until some reviews come in for it.

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    Default Re: Alexander McQueen Kingdom Summer

    I've quite liked both Summer editions of Kingdom, it smells very light and peppery. This years edition has the same bottle but with clear glass and greek themed backing.

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    Default Re: Alexander McQueen Kingdom Summer

    Slightly off topic but,

    I recently wore Kingdom this past week for the 2nd time, and I have to say its a rather nice fragrance but I think the cumin note totally ruins the scent. I'm sitting in class on Tuesday and I getting whiffs of Kingdom EDP coming off of me. At first a get this beautiful sensation and my eyes being to light up, but then at the very end the cumin note appears and I'm like :-X. But then I get another whiff and I calm down again, but then the cumin note appears, and I'm about to puke.

    The problem is, if you take out the cumin note, Kingdom becomes like any other powdery, feminine, floral scent. The cumin note gives it individuality but it ruins the fragrance a little. Its like a mix of bad and good. With the dry-down you get this beautiful opening but a nasty ending. A split personality thing going on.

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    Default Re: Alexander McQueen Kingdom Summer

    I completely love Kingdom and I would marry it if it gave me a ring. The cumin note is very slight. If clean sweat is offensive to you then run the other way. I personally love the sweaty floral opening. It eventually morphs into a very masculine sandlewood and myrrh scent that I can't get enough of. The cumin note on my skin remains almost to the very end and like I said before, is very slight.

    It's in my all time top 5 (well, today's list anyway...I reserve the rights to change my mind at any time).


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    Default Re: Alexander McQueen Kingdom Summer

    OOOps...sorry, didn't mean to get the thread off track. Haven't tried the Summer edition yet. I bet it will be great though.

    Here is a link to an item on ebay that looks mysteriously like a Summer Edition of Kingdom.

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