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    Default "Eau de Us Weekly"- Slate article

    this is an article in today's about celebrity frags:

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    Default Re: "Eau de Us Weekly"- Slate article

    Quote Originally Posted by Joel_Cairo
    this is an article in today's about celebrity frags:

    What a wonderful article. I've been struggling with this issue. Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely is just that -- lovely. *And one of the Britney Spears fragrances was charming as well. *I love Rupion's work and the notes for Live sound more than passable. But I would sooner die than buy or admit to owning a celebrity scent. Even buying it and decanting it is a hurdle (none too convenient). *I wonder how many customers are lost as compared to won by the celebrity strategy?

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    Default Re: "Eau de Us Weekly"- Slate article

    "One of the most highly regarded perfume designers in the world, Ropion is the creator of such upscale scents as Givenchy's Amarige and Frederic Malle's excellent new Carnal Flower (which costs $230 for a 100-milliliter bottle). But he's also the genius behind Jennifer Lopez's fourth successful fragrance, Live (which retails for less than $40). "

    And many of the same engineers who worked on the Cray supercomputer (that sells for millions) worked for Intel creating $120 consumer-level chips.

    And many authors who sell hardcover books (that retail for upwards of $50) write consumer-level articles in newspapers and magazines that sell for a few dollars.

    And me... I have fixed 35 million dollar jets, and I have also repaired 1950's-era bushplanes. The quality of my work was equal between the two aircraft, but the scope and value of my repairs were vastly different. I think the same concept applies to the scents mentioned.

    ALSO- No-one outside of the cult of fragrance knows who Frederic Malle is. Everyone knows who J-Lo is. How much do you need to charge per bottle to break even if one brand sells a million boxes and the other only sells 3000? Simple economics there.

    ALSO- When you pay big bucks for scents like Carnal Flower, you are paying partly for the privilege of smelling and owning something different, special, luxurious, exclusive. The fragrance is the reward you get for discovering it in the first place.
    The raw materials that go into a Ferrari cost no more than the materials used to make a Ford. The price comes from the grace, execution, and perceived value of the car. If everyone drove Ferraris, they wouldn't cost so much. They also wouldn't be considered as sexy.

    My two (or 3, or 4) cents.

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    Default Re: "Eau de Us Weekly"- Slate article

    Anyway, what's the difference between a "celebrity" and a designer? well, we can say a designer is a creator, his work is sometimes art, there's a lot of creativity and intellecttual work in it, while 90% of all celebrities are pure fake and marketing... But, what does a fashion designer have to do with fragrances???
    They always hire a laboratory/company to produce it and there's a perfumer behind all the hype...
    The question is: would a non basenoter buy a fragrance made by "John Smith", even if he was one of the better noses of the world?
    I know a lot of people would buy a Guerlain's fragrance, but It took half century for the acceptance of the house worldwide... I don't think anyone will wait so much to earn millions...
    So, It doesn't matter for me who names a fragrance, but who's really responsible for it: the perfumer. (But i won't deny It's a pain in the ass even thinking of buying a fragrance "from" Puff daddy or Paris Hilton... *:-X

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    Default Re: "Eau de Us Weekly"- Slate article

    You all know that piece was copied from a blogger, right?

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