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    Default Padparadscha...again.

    I received my bottle of Padparadscha today. When I tried I sample of this a while back, I thought it was for men or at least unisex. The smell is more masculine to me. Now that I see the bottle in person, it too seems very masculine. It's shaped just like a big bottle of Full Throttle (Orange County Choppers) but has a brass like colored cap with embossed "leather" around it and a swatch of faux gold leaf on the front. The liquid looks alot like Jovan Musk, only a little darker.

    Great scent, though! Bright, very dry and woody.
    Did anyone else order this?


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    Default Re: Padparadscha...again.

    Me! I'm expecting it by FedEx tomorrow. Can't wait!
    Yr good bud,


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    Default Re: Padparadscha...again.

    I should be getting my FEDEX package tomorrow!
    When I sampled...I too was VERY impressed.

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    Default Re: Padparadscha...again.

    Didn't order, but I did like it. It's gone to that list that exists for when other, more coveted articles runs dry, which is to say that it might likely never get ordered, but it is still thought about, at least until the sample runs dry itself.

    The luxe description belied the reality of the scent. It seemed that amber would give itself over to some degree of sumptuous depth, when in fact the juniper note gave it a medicinal edge similar to that found in CDG Sequoia (another entry in the "if you like this, you'll like that" game) and made the scent greener than anticipated. I preferred it to Sequoia, because it didn't have the rummy sweetness the CDG scent contained, nor was it as damp. It uses pepper excellently; this note doesn't appear to have been liberally sprinkled. The cedar is matched by the juniper so that there is a balance of woody/sweet with green/piquant, with neither overtaking the other. It becomes a bit sweeter into the drydown, without calling attention to any one note, and whatever musk it contains wisely avoids soapiness or harshness.

    Enjoy it!! It's quite well done.

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