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    Perhaps it was a revelation; an epiphany of sorts. I've just finished saving and I rinse my face off. I put a little cologne on (GIT methinks). Get dressed and head out for a busy day.

    However their is this smell.

    It's clean, relatively refreshing. It's not the citrus top of my GIT...

    it's Shaving Cream!!!

    I never realized it but that stuff leaves a good after smell IMHO.

    Does anyone else get this same feeling after shaving?

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    It depends on my shave cream ;D

    I use some kind of gilette gel right now, and it is pretty refreshing and nice. The only problem with shaving cream fragrance is that is usually clashes with whatever cologne I'm wearing that day. I have to wash all trace of the gilette-smell off my face if I want to wear something like Tea for Two.

    Some shaving gel/aftershave brings back powerful associations for me- some good, some bad.
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    some seem to have more smell than others.. but i'd be wary about the possibility of it clashing with your SOTD. Maybe you should find a fragrance that smells like that particular shaving cream, that way you can expereience that wonderfull smell but it will be more potent (hopefully)

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