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    Default Iquitos=very very weak

    The past few weeks i have worn Iquitos and really enjoy it. There is one problem though. It is a very very weak scent and lasts no longer than a couple of hours on me and dont even mention sillage because there isnt any. The other day i literally bathed in it before i went to work. When i got to work i stood right next to someone at his computer. He was ordering cologne and he asked me what to get. I told him to get Iquitos..."its what i'm wearing now" i told him. He said he couldnt smell it on me and i was only standing a couple of inches from him. I love the way Iquitos smells but it is almost like a body splash....or just scented water. Anyone else have this problem with Iquitos?

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    Default Re: Iquitos=very very weak

    LOL! I`m sorry now Steve, but this must be one of the strangest things I`ve heard in a while, here in this forum!

    Iquitos weak!? Omg, you`re juice is dead or your skin doesn`t like it at all! I`ve never heard anyone else complaining this, and also on me this scent is one of the most potent I`ve ever experienced. Lasting power is ridicilously good on me - way over ten hours.
    Really, when I put this scent on in the morning, I myself can still detect it easily at the late night. And, I`m not the only one: I must tell you that my gf HATES this scent. She says it gives her some bad headaches...And so everytime I wear it, I get definetely feedback. (Sometimes many many hours after I`ve put it on)

    I just don`t know what is going on with your scent, but of course these skin issues happen, and also the scent could somehow be wounded.

    Beats me. :-?

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    Default Re: Iquitos=very very weak

    Boy...I'd be willing to bet you are in the minority, which is a shame as this is a wonderful scent.

    I'm with PM--this one has MEGA sillage on me.

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    Default Re: Iquitos=very very weak

    I just bought some a week or two ago. It seems to have a reasonable level of lasting power and sillage. I wouldn't call it monster sillage or power, but strong enough.

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    Default Re: Iquitos=very very weak

    I`m not really sure when this unusual fragrance was discontinued, but it has take some time, since it`s not even listed on M. Edwards page anymore. (Shame, I would have like to see his comparision with this)
    This means that every bottle of Iquitos is more or less old, and so could this be a reason for these problems with volume..?
    Personally I really don`t think so, but it amazes me that this would`t last on someone, or give a huge amount of sillage.
    But perhaps one thing is possible---> Everyone who has ever sprayed this scent, knows that it has extremely sharp and bright top-notes. That mandarin-cardamom-aldehyde-rose mix really hits your face!! From there it soon starts to settle for something more peaceful...It stays strong imo, but maybe this top-note shock is blinding for someone..?

    Still, I`m quite confused with this problem of Steve. And even robyogis comment I found to be weird... :-?

    Oh well, I`m very happy with my bottle. ;D

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    Default Re: Iquitos=very very weak

    I havn't worn it in a while but when I looked at my 'drobe, I'd given it only 2 stars for longevity :-?

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    Default Re: Iquitos=very very weak

    I wish it was weak! It leaked, badly, in my study, and reminded me of why all those teen girls in the 80s who wore Poison had me doing my Kurtz impression (and I don't mean unspeakable acts, unspoken). It's damn heady. Powerhouse and a little too much for me. One of those scents I can admire, preferably from afar, but never ever wear.

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    Default Re: Iquitos=very very weak

    To address my "weird" comment:

    On me it starts off very powerfully, and stays pretty strong for about an hour or so, after that it's more of a moderate sillage scent on me, at least compared to most of the others I wear regularly (New Tab, Piper Nigrum, SMW), not too strong but somewhere just north of L'Artisan Land (where I need to smell the spot where I applied the fragrance in order to smell it at all). Iquitos is very dry on me, and for whatever reason, real or psychological, dry scents seem to fade quickly on me, and then stay close, no matter how strong they come out of the bottle. It does last fairly long, despite not producing a ton of sillage.

    Hope that clarifies!

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