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    Default M7 Fresh vs Bvlgari Extreme

    Has anyone tried both M7 Fresh and Bvlgari Pour Homme Extreme and be kind enough to make a comparison?

    I am needing one fresh, light, and non-offensive scent for work (at a hospital). Bvlgari Pour Homme Extreme is similar to L'artisan Pour un Été in its bone chilliness and freshness. Also, as it rides close to the skin, it is unlikely to be offensive to people and patients. M7 Fresh appears to be quite well received here on the board, but I have not been able to get hold of it yet. Help, please.

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    Default Re: M7 Fresh vs Bvlgari Extreme

    I don't personally care for the Bvlgari and, while I like M7F I don't think it is inoffensive. It retains that strong (and a little weird) character of M7 that makes it intriguing and sexy. If you like go light with the trigger finger though, I can see it working.

    As for the M7F, it is now unavailable in the US so you might have a hard time fiding it. Most places other than the US are supposed to have it, but I cannot say that for sure.

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    Default Re: M7 Fresh vs Bvlgari Extreme

    I'll have to agree that Bulgari, at least to my nose, is not a very welcoming scent. It's fresh in a clinical way, which is to say, unapproachable. Maybe if I smelled it on someone else my opinion might change, who knows.

    There was a thread a while back that I thought was interesting:

    someone recommended Rive Gauche or Mugler cologne for a doctor; maybe those are a few things to look into?

    What kind of impression are you trying to make? Warm, comforting, hospitable? Cool, detached, clean? Brusque and in charge?

    I can't give any advice on M7, though, but from what I understand it's a pretty sexy scent. Maybe that's what you're after?
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    Default Re: M7 Fresh vs Bvlgari Extreme

    Try Bvlgari Black. It's smoother and less offensive. Sticks close to the skin.

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    Default Re: M7 Fresh vs Bvlgari Extreme

    Thanks for the fast comments guys. *

    The ideal impression I’d like to make is clean, professional, yet somewhat warm. *

    I have tried TM Cologne a while back, and found it very clean and fresh. *In fact, it was just-squeezed orange just fresh. *But there is just something in it that I can not agree with and put my finger on. *Also, I had high hope for Lanvin L’Homme. It smells great on other people and should be great for this purpose. Sadly it just turns synthetic on my skin.

    I am not entirely sure smelling too delicious around sexy nurses and students would be appropriate at this stage. *Perhaps I should keep that in mind before I decide to leave this field; certainly not now *. *Will give BVL Black a try.

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    Default Re: M7 Fresh vs Bvlgari Extreme

    what you are looking for is Gendarme

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