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    Default od'd on favorite frags

    Have you ever used a frag you liked so frequently that you couldn't stand it anymore?

    I confess having become jaded to

    1. Duc de Vervins---went from boardroom to boredroom.
    2. Mont Blanc Individuel---from GQ to bland
    3. Givenchy Gentleman---from formal knockout punch to patchouli gas attack
    4. And an 80's quartet: Francesco Samlto, Vesace L'Homme, Pascal Morabito and Joseph Abhoud; from power and style to, *well just the 80's

    ( Now many of you may simply dislike these frags to begin with, and think I was off my head to like them in the first place; that I've simply come back to my senses. )

    But I wonder if other Basenoters have had similar expereinces with their " former loves "?

    Depressing, * really. *:'(

    Or a great argument for having at leat 30 plus frags in your collection *;D


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    Default Re: od'd on favorite frags

    yeah, sadly i think im souring on burberry brit

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    Default Re: od'd on favorite frags

    D&G Pour Homme and Acqua di Gio turns my stomach now if I sniff it on myself or on others because I wore it too often in the past.

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    Default Re: od'd on favorite frags

    Envy did me in good. I played it out really fast and now I don't have it when I miss it. It is sad but I'll get over it. I also think that Xeryus Rouge by Givenchy had the same problem on me. I must have worn it too often and now I rarely wear it at all. Sad because I liked it so much....

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    Default Re: od'd on favorite frags

    I used to use a signature scent aka one scent guy until I ran out or got sick of it then moved to the next one.

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    Default Re: od'd on favorite frags

    A*men did it to me. It's in my closet now because I need at least a month or two before I wear it again.

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    Default Re: od'd on favorite frags

    I used to love Hugo Dark Blue when I started my frag hobby. Now I'm just sick of it. Same thing goes for Issey Miyake. For some odd reason, the more scents I sample or buy, the worse they become. My sense of smell might be changing? I dunno...
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    Default Re: od'd on favorite frags

    Like teflon, I usually need a break from A*men for a week or two after I wear it. Although, every once in awhile I'll wear it two days straight.:-? Anything that strong requires "Vacations" me thinks.

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    Default Re: od'd on favorite frags

    The Dreamer and Drakkar Noir. And: (propably) never more in my life. The Dreamer and all existing Versace's for sure.

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    Default Re: od'd on favorite frags

    It happened to me with Bulgari Blu.

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    Default Re: od'd on favorite frags

    That's why I am here! I got a little bored with Gucci PH, and having lost all my other frags in a move, I decided to look for some new ones. I'd assume staving off boredom is why some folks on this board have 100+ frags to choose from. In fact, when I wear Gucci PH, now that I have others to intersperse with it, I like it that much more. Now if only I could convince my girlfriend of this logic...

    Seriously, I find my favorites changing all the time, I sour on one from too much use, then the next, and by that time, the first one seems fresh and exciting again. Vicious cycle.

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