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    Default Eau Savauge....New Box???

    Has the formula changed?
    Is it just a new box?
    I was in Sephora and I saw the orangy/brown box and then there was a white box?
    What's up?

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    Default Re: Eau Savauge....New Box???

    I was at Sephora's trying it out a week or so ago and noticed the same thing! I believe one says "edt" and one says "natural spray". I asked the SA's what the difference was, and after a long silence one of them gave the horribly unconvincing answer that they are the same thing. They might be, but the SA seemed really unsure.

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    Default Re: Eau Savauge....New Box???

    White box? The place where I shop has new boxes of Eau Savage and it's still like the old one except it comes in 200ml. I always associate white boxes with testers.
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    Default Re: Eau Savauge....New Box???

    It's the same formula... I have a new sample which says:
    "Eau Sauvage
    A new look
    The same timeless fragrance."

    So, no fears.

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    Default Re: Eau Savauge....New Box???

    Here in Heidelberg they have white boxes and black boxes for Eau de Sauvage
    A white box for Eau Sauvage
    A black one for Eau Sauvage Extreme

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    Default Re: Eau Savauge....New Box???

    Hi everyone!

    I asked a Christian Dior SA the exact same question about a few weeks ago. She replied that the new packaging comes in a white box whereas the older packaging comes in a orange/brown box.

    Have a great day!
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