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    Default underrated bottles?

    Just as a starter, I'd say the dreamer's bottle isn't talked about as much as others.

    I also would by Original Vetiver just because of that green! oof
    (granted, I like the smell, perhaps if it was Eu de Sewage I wouldn't be so fascinated by it.)

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    Default Re: underrated bottles?

    Iquitos. Pictures don`t do justice to it. Bottle-green/emerald is my favourite color in the world.

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    Default Re: underrated bottles?

    come on this has to spark more conversation than just one reply! I refuse to give up on this topic! :-/

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    Default Re: underrated bottles?

    I think most of the Creed bottles have nice shapes and the Original Vetever has a nice color to is as well.

    Gucci pH is my favorite. I really like the L'Artisan bottles with their gold caps. I would also say the SMN bottles are more than good looking.

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    Default Re: underrated bottles?

    As much as Dior Homme's bottle speaks of modern "luxe", I think that Vendetta and Nemo are such cool bottles, as well as Coriolan, ST Dupont Signature, and Rochas Man.

    Close your eyes, so you can see what you're smelling.

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    Default Re: underrated bottles?

    Christian Lacroix - Tumulte homme is a really cool bottle. Very brave!

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    Default Re: underrated bottles?

    I love the 'rive gauche' bottle espicaly the blue stripes & the way it fits in my hands

    others are 'GUCCI rush' both F & M so sleek & contemoprary

    M7 *for how bold, strong & simple mascuilan
    & YSL's OPIUM the Parfum extract one ...i love the circle & the horizntal stripes with the ornamental attachments to it ... & the cofusing color I don't what to name : brown, orange or red mystrious

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    Default Re: underrated bottles?

    I agree that the Rive Gauche bottle fits nicely in the hand, but except for that it is probably the ugliest, cheapest-looking bottle I've ever seen!

    EDIT: Nothing personal!

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    Default Re: underrated bottles?

    Just wanted to chime in and say that Patricia de Nikolai's bottles are terribly ugly. For such splendid fragrances, the bottles look so cheap and tacky. MPG also has bland bottles.

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    Default Re: underrated bottles?

    I like the Rochas Lui bottle. It looks so cute when it rocks back and forth. :-*

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    Default Re: underrated bottles?

    For an underrated bottle, seems like no one talks about drakkar noir

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    Default Re: underrated bottles?

    what? no comments about salvador dali's bottles? they rule!
    also, i prefer the new vetiver bottle than the old one, and the vetiver for her is pretty too.
    agree with tumulte and dior homme.
    underrated ? versace's the dreamer!

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    Default Re: underrated bottles?

    Great topic. Dior Homme is a bottle that initially didn't register on my radar. Now I am smitten by both.

    I will be the first to admit that I have often poo-poohed a edt/edp based on the bottle. I approach the purchase with a criteria of aethetic points that must be met before I shell out my hard earned $. After all I have to look at the bottle once its on the shelf.

    The Guerlain L'Instant bottle for the eau de parfum version is one of the most handsome bottles I've seen in ages. It has a sort of vintage, art-deco feel to it,imo.

    Bad bottles=recyle
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    Default Re: underrated bottles?

    * Trussardi Uomo's snake skin bottle
    * YSL Kouros' white bottle
    * guerlain vetiver

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    Default Re: underrated bottles?

    CK Contradiction- best thing ever to come from that house

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    Why So Serious?
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    Default Re: underrated bottles?

    Ultraviolet Man
    Le Male
    Current top 5:
    1. Guerlain Coriolan
    2. Puredistance M
    3. Roja Dove Vetiver Extrait
    4. Naomi Goodsir Bois d'Ascese
    5. BPC Oud

    Decants for swap:

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    Default Re: underrated bottles?

    jean pascal <leather vest >
    john varvatos <leather wrap >
    cartier-declaration <nifty bottle-top like thingy>
    basala <very red glass and weird shape.. >

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    Default Re: underrated bottles?

    Quote Originally Posted by sobranie
    jean pascal <leather vest >
    john varvatos <leather wrap >
    cartier-declaration <nifty bottle-top like thingy>
    basala <very red glass and weird shape.. >

    o, o, if you wanna talk about great leather sleeves for flacons, take a gander at Ezra Fitch by (ugh) Abercrombie & Fitch's vintage flask dealie.

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    Default Re: underrated bottles?

    o, o, if you wanna talk about great leather sleeves for flacons, take a gander at Ezra Fitch by (ugh) Abercrombie & Fitch's vintage flask dealie.[/quote] googled it to see what it looked like...very nice..blown glass also...

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    Default Re: underrated bottles?

    Quote Originally Posted by Joel_Cairo
    [quote author=sobranie link=1142196658/15#16 date=1142466000]jean pascal <leather vest >
    john varvatos <leather wrap >
    cartier-declaration <nifty bottle-top like thingy>
    basala <very red glass and weird shape.. >

    o, o, if you wanna talk about great leather sleeves for flacons, take a gander at Ezra Fitch by (ugh) Abercrombie & Fitch's vintage flask dealie.[/quote]

    Definately a great flaçon!

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    Default Re: underrated bottles?

    And, hardly ever I hear anyone to mention By Man. Okey, it`s a bit kitchy, but also sexy and extremely appealing. For some reason, everytime I see that zeebra-striped bottle, I want to squeeze and bite it!

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    Default Re: underrated bottles?

    I love M7's bottle. It has this understated elegance to it; both modern and refined. But one of the best bottles for me is Givenchy Pi.
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    Default Re: underrated bottles?

    My favorite bottles ( not necessarily juices ) which are underrated IMO:
    Essenza di Zegna
    Lacoste PH
    John Varvatos
    Mont Blanc Presence and Starwalker
    Z Zegna
    Both Baldessarinis
    Lagerfeld Man

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    Default Re: underrated bottles?

    the BIG leather bound bottles by The Different Company. that's some serious packaging!

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    Default Re: underrated bottles?

    i like the cuiron bottle...simple and tasteful

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    Default Re: underrated bottles?

    .....Lauder Intuition and Davidoff Echo

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    Default Re: underrated bottles?

    i would have to add the deep ruby red ,mopar pistol grip style,halston 101 ;D

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    Default Re: underrated bottles?

    A lot of good bottles listed!! I'll add some.

    Lanvin L'Homme: Very classy feel....and i dig the little cap retainer!!
    Michael by Michael Kors: Like fragrance in a glass block!!
    Chemistry by Clinique: Simple cylinder. Straighforward, effective, and comfortable!!
    Claiborne for Men: A frosted-glass cylinder with a rubber beer-coozy on the bottom half. Great bottle, so-so sprayer.
    Safari by Ralph Lauren: The knurled, bumpy textore just screams "classy!!" Looks exquisite, for sure.

    ;D ;D ;D

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    Default Re: underrated bottles?

    Smalto's FULL CHOKE of course!! 8-)
    "Ca sent les pieds!"

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    Default Re: underrated bottles?

    Some of my favorite:

    Guerlain Vetiver

    YSL Jazz/Live Jazz

    Dior Fahrenheit

    Armani Mania


    Polo Black (one of the MOST underrated one! just find it SO classy)

    Etro bottles (they are all similar, they look so precious)

    My least favorite bottle is CK Crave.


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    Lightbulb Re: underrated bottles?

    My favorite bottle list:

    dunhill - although hard to hold and aim
    Leau par Kenzo - cool wavy front and clear block cap
    hugo energise - looks like a battery
    m7 fresh - clean, clear, overall modern transparent rectangular look
    zirh - looks very futuristic
    higher - very different, in it's aluminum and plastic monolith case
    212 - magnetic cap, substantial feel and big, solid sprayer button
    lacoste booster - old fashioned and looks like an old pesticide bottle!

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    Default Re: underrated bottles?

    I agree w/ Celdor about Givenchy Pi's bottle. It's very unique and classy. Also, I think the bottle for Bulgari Black is a cool design...but it's lead to problems w/ the sprayer for many people
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    Default Re: underrated bottles?


    Idole de Lubin: Absolutely breathtaking and mesmerizing! That bottle is worth $100 just by itself!...sorry it's better than the juice it contains (although a great scent).

    Roberto Cavalli Man: both bottle and juice are stunning and underrated.

    Kouros: bottle and juice (please don't start)...enough said about this one--5 stars.

    Guerlain Vetiver: bottle and juice 5 stars

    Shiseido Basala: bottle and Juice 5 stars, juice is much cooler than the red hot bottle suggests.

    Dior Homme: bottle is stunning but I only wish the cocoa wasn't included in the juice...I love the iris--would have been a winner otherwise.

    Coriolan: imaginative bottle and juice, very fragile construction, though. I suspect the first round of production might have included a real metal and not a plastic cap. Could this have been part of the reason it was discontinued?

    DK Men: my friends how could no one have mentioned this by now? both juice and the bottle. I heard that the expensive bottle itself is a part of why it's not being re-launched. Also heard that DK's husband (ex?) still has the rights to the design and refuses to cooperate. I realize these may be just silly rumors.

    Comme des Garcons: original scent, 2, 2 Man, White...bottles and juices. In fact, 2 ("mirror") is an award winning bottle.

    Opium (F): Original flacon, very deserving of the juice.

    Creed Original Vetiver: just the color, not the design nor the juice.This house is all disappointment to me...sorry no offense to the fans.

    MPG: The red bottles remind me of Venetian glass on palazzo windows (and perhaps they are)...eye candy! Someday I'll buy one just for the bottle and 2nd for the juice--it'll be RdV, of course.

    Rochas Lui: I almost bought it for the bottle and the name...but in th end, I wasn't sold on the juice itself.

    There are so many more, which is what makes the total package of a fragrance a work of art for me.

    Honorable mention: All Chanel classic design bottles. Understated and elegant.
    All Guerlain "Bee" bottles, so regal and exclusive.

    DK Be Delicious: All versions juice and bottles are gimmicky and shameful!


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    Default Re: underrated bottles?

    Off the top of my head:

    Kenzo Flower - This is one of the best.
    Bond No. 9 Scent of Peace
    Serge Lutens Bell Jars

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    Default Re: underrated bottles?

    Those from:

    Crown Perfumery
    Caswell Massey

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    Default Re: underrated bottles?

    I love Silver Black (Onyx) bottle, very classy! And also that splendid bottle of 212 men.
    Current Top 5

    1. Creed Aventus
    2. A*Men Pure Malt
    3. L'instant Extreme
    4. Nasomatto Duro
    5. CDG - Kyoto

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    Default Re: underrated bottles?

    I have to admit I own a ton of creeds and they look fantastic on top of the headboard of the bed...I keep all of my frags in the's always dark as midnight in there...I work 11p.-7a...

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    Default Re: underrated bottles?

    I'll agree with the poster earlier who said the worst bottle ever is CK Crave, it won't stand up on its own. I'll admit its kind of cool looking but it reminds me of something a 16 year old would by because it looks cool.

    Favorite bottles:
    Versace - The Dreamer
    Givenchy - VI and VI Summer
    Givenchy - PH
    Beckham - Instinct

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    Default Re: underrated bottles?

    "Don’t try to be original. Be simple. Be good technically, and if there is something in you, it will come out. ” - Henri Matisse.

    "Wear R de Capucci" - Hirch Duckfinder


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    Default Re: underrated bottles?

    The classic chanels: egoiste, pour monsieur, pm concentree. these bottles have an understated elegance. very mid century modern. minimal. famous chanel font and double "c" logo. makes you feel like a million bucks when you hold it.

    emporio armani he is very nice bottle design, i like when the attomizer is seamless, hidden, part of the bottle and there is no cap. Only downside to emporio is you can't see how much is left.
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    Default Re: underrated bottles?

    I agree with a lot of the ones mentioned so far. One that hasn't been mentioned yet that I think is very cool is Jacomo de Jacomo. Monolithic matte black with a spring loaded silver flip cap.

    Also, no one has mentioned Donna Karan Black Cashmere and Hermes Eau des Merveilles, but those often get mentioned on other threads for having cool bottles so I guess they're not underrated.

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    Default Re: underrated bottles?

    I have to admit to liking the Aquaman bottle, and all of the Dali bottles are pretty dang nifty, but my favorite, even though I haven't been able to find a bottle to purchase, is Heros by Uomo Perfumes, if the Le Male bottle makes some guys uncomfortable I can only imagine that this bottle would push them completely over the edge!

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    Default Re: underrated bottles?

    Obsession !

    Everything the name and scent conjures up in the mind the bottle is the opposite. Simple, smooth, oval, pleasing to the eye and fits perfectly in the hand like a ocean worn stone.

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    Default Re: underrated bottles?

    I love the Pino Silvestre bottle. It matches the frag perfectly.
    Also Roma (Laura Biagiotti) is an amazing bottle.

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    Default Re: underrated bottles?

    Quote Originally Posted by mrliberfarb
    Just as a starter, I'd say the dreamer's bottle isn't talked about as much as others.
    Beautiful bottle

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    Default Re: underrated bottles?

    Mémoire d'Homme for elegant understatement
    FCUK Him for slick Zeitgeist design
    Quasar for industrial design
    Coriolan for being elegantly different
    Cristobal for the matted uneven backside
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