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    Default My search for my work cologne. Go Geir

    I posted a topic awhile back looking for a cologne for my particular job. One that isnt too childish, has great lasting power, and good enough sillage to withstand the heavy lifting that my design/sales job entails. (I sell Natural Stone Tile).

    One that caught my eye and had much backing was Gier Ness. I go into Nordstroms and spray it onto a card. I smell, and I cant believe how disappointed I felt. It was nothing as I was expecting. NO "mountain valley" scent at all. It was just so unlike what I expected that I didnt even give what it was a chance.

    The sales associate tells me to spray some on my wrist, she says that this particular cologne doesntg smell quite right on a card. So I do so, and as I always do I walk around for 2-3 minutes before I smell.

    I put my nose to my wrist, my god it smells great. I give a spray to my neck and head off to work. Smelling my wrist all the way. I get to work and ask a lady co-worker to smell. She takes a wiff and says "I like it". Then 30 seconds later comes back, grabs my arm and smells again and says "What is it called I need to buy it for my husband".

    The day goes on and the Geir is starting to drydown a lot, and this is where most scents fail to me. Geir drydowns a lot different, it is sweet but still airy, its not sharp really nor synethic in the drydown. I cant explain scents well. Needless to say I was impressed with the drydown but not really something I was sure I wanted. My female employee was gone so I couldnt ask her if maybe my nose just wasnt picking up certain notes anymore.

    Then it happened. I am lifting some Travertine onto a cart and half-way through I bvegin to smell that mountain valley air. That cool, not-aqua but piney smell that I LOVED so much. This is the perfect scent. it triggers like none of my others when I need it to, and it made me realize that it probably smells that way to everyone all the time. The drydown I was smelling is just a fraction of what is really there. Like most scents what you smell on urself after 4 hours is not always what everyone else smells.

    I bought a bottle the next day.

    Go Geir

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    Default Re: My search for my work cologne. Go Geir

    Great read. I've never had anyone decide they need to get their boyfriend something I was wearing but mybe one day I'll ge wearing Geir and they'll decide they need it. I have wanted this one for years and I havn't brought myself to buying it. It is pretty expensive. I don't know if I can't do it. I think I'll have to though. I just can't resist these reviews lately. I'm going to do it!! Shhhh, don't tell my bank....

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    Default Re: My search for my work cologne. Go Geir

    Good choice Dawkins

    EnvYuS I sent you a PM on this.


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    Default Re: My search for my work cologne. Go Geir

    Hey Dawkins, thanks for tyhe update, glad it worked out for you. That "back from the dead" effect which struck you when you broke a sweat late in the day is one of the benefits of a strong concentrated scent in general, but ive noticed it more with geir than with anything else.

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