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    Default body kouros Vs. Envy

    I was wondering which scent is better in your opinion. Body Koros or Gucci Envy. I enjoy woody orientals and i enjoy envy, but was wondering if Kouros can beat the scent of envy. Thanks................

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    Default Re: body kouros Vs. Envy

    Well they are totally different. Envy is more romantic, BK is more versatile. BK doesn't really have the woods Envy does, and its sweetness comes in more of a quasi-gourmand way than in the spicy way like in Envy. Since both can be had for quite cheap, I would get both. I have Envy and am about to buy BK (I have sampled it a few times). You should do the same. But as far as comparing them, they are VERY different so that doesn't really work.

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    Default Re: body kouros Vs. Envy

    OMG. Blasphemy! Haha! Kidding. :P

    In my honest opinion, Envy smells better. But you can't really compare the two since they're from different categories.
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    Default Re: body kouros Vs. Envy

    They are both actually orientals. They are deffinately vanilla dry downs and both amazing but Envy has woody richness to it that I like better. Body Kouros is too similar to all of the other orientals. I think Envy has it's own special smell to it that appeals to me.

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    Default Re: body kouros Vs. Envy

    ENVY no doubt!!! I like Bk as well, but ENVY IS UNIQUE!!! 8-)

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    Default Re: body kouros Vs. Envy

    Definitely envy.

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    Default Re: body kouros Vs. Envy

    I love these both very truly, but I think BK is more fascinating. It is excellent combo of gourmand and animalic nature : Burned sugar (benzoin) mixed with cold and primitive musk, which is obviously very synthetic, but still so alive and kicking.

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    Default Re: body kouros Vs. Envy

    Although they are completely different animals, I would get BK and Carven Homme instead of Envy. Carven Homme is similar to Envy with great lasting power. It is cheaper too.
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    Default Re: body kouros Vs. Envy

    They are both oriental, that's for sure. Body is a sweet oriental and envy is a woody oriental. You could wear Body in the day and envy at night, i like both fragrances. But i like the new Arpege Pour Homme more than Envy, they are similar, the Arpege is sweeter and less woody but still has a retro classic feel.
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    Default Re: body kouros Vs. Envy

    For daytime, I would go for Body Kouros. For evening and romantic occassions, Envy is my first pick. Others here describe it as being too strong, but on me it stays close to the skin, which is perfect for situations when you're up close and personal.

    Another scent you might want to look into is L'Instant by Guerlain. It's in the same vein as Envy.

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