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    Default Wow!! L'artisan you beauty!

    Just purchased Dzing and Tea for two.....amazing! I have found the holy grail! (Well maybe not as GIT is that) but well worth the price.
    A must pruchase for all basnoters! heaven in a bottle for both frags

    Two thumbs up!

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    Default Re: Wow!! L'artisan you beauty!

    YAY!!! The two best IMO. Tea for Two has a slight advantage since it is so unique and amazing!! I love the soft smokey texture. It has just enough spices and incense to make you smell like a king!! Tea for Two is also a romantic scent IMO. I think it is not sharp enough to get in the way and smells so relaxing that you just want to lay in a bed with someone.

    I'm loving the post. I you keep on these two. They are great ones!!! ;D

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