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    Default ...and for dessert I'll have CK Eternity, please!

    Hi everyone,

    Lately there have been some very interesting threads about the connection between scents and food, but what I discovered last night left me speechless: there is actually a restaurant in Spain that includes in its menu desserts inspired by designer fragances!! They serve Miracle and Trésor de Lancome, CK Eternity, TM Angel and Carolina de Carolina Herrera. The name of the restaurant is "El Celler de Can Roca", and it's considered one of the best restaurants of Spain, holding 2 Michelin stars, no less.
    The history behind the idea for these original desserts is the following: as you can imagine, avant-garde chefs are always looking for new ingredients to add to their creations. In this case, main chef Joan Roca was experimenting with bergamot, which is very common in perfumes but not very used for cooking. Then his brother Jordi walked into the kitchen and exclaimed: "This smells like CK Eternity!", and that was the spark that made them think of replicating famous scents in the form of desserts.
    You can visit their website:

    It has an English version but it's not very user friendly. To reach the desserts page you have to click on the small spoon icon on the top right (when you place the pointer over it, the name "Jordi Roca" appears). Then you click on "Desserts", then "Fragance".

    Bon appétit!
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    Default Re: ...and for dessert I'll have CK Eternity, plea

    I don't know if Eternity would be a preferable dessert to me, considering it smells like grass, citrus and spice, perhaps dessert for a horse?

    Interesting website, though...thanks Gus! Seems like the UK translation link works for me since I'm using an English speaking computer LOL!

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    Default Re: ...and for dessert I'll have CK Eternity, plea

    Is the CK Eternity dessert a pine tree? ;D

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    Default Re: ...and for dessert I'll have CK Eternity, plea

    Very cool place. And with 2 stars I´d gladly try any cologne-postre!


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    Default Re: ...and for dessert I'll have CK Eternity, plea

    The Tresor looks good to me; almost like a custard or pudding. 8-)
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