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    Default Ferrari Racing VS Yves Saint Laurent Opium PH EDT

    I just got my bottle of Ferrari Racing in a swap with MikeFromManhattan (thanks Mike!) and tonight was the second time I'd smelled this particular fragrance. I remember from when I tested it that it sort of smelled similar to something else but I couldn't quite place the familiarity. Then tonight, it struck me. It smells a lot like my bottle of Yves Saint Laurent Opium Pour Homme EDT.

    Tomorrow, I'm going to wear one spray of each on separate wrists and smell them throughout the day to confirm. In the meantime, I'm wondering if anyone has drawn similar parallels with these two scents.
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    Default Re: Ferrari Racing VS Yves Saint Laurent Opium PH

    Glad you like the Racing, Hysteria! I'm enjoying my reintroduction to Caron Pour Un Homme today, which I received from you yesterday in the swap for the Racing.

    I find that Racing is spicier and Opium is sweeter. But the main difference when I wear them is that the Opium has great sillage and longevity while the Racing (as great as it smells) disappears rather quickly, no matter how much I put on. That was a major disappointment for me especially since it was great on the cardboard.

    I do find a major similiarity between the Opium EDT and Penhaligon's LP#9 for Men. I received a sample of the Penhaligon's in a swap with Francois last year, bought it in Saks and it promptly became one of my favorites of all time - it also has great sillage and longevity when I wear it.

    I can't understand how I never bought Opium all the years it was out. I got it a few months ago in a swap with Francois (thanks again!) for Penhaligon's Endymion (another one which promptly disappeared after I put it on) and it too became one of my all time favorites.

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    Default Re: Ferrari Racing VS Yves Saint Laurent Opium PH

    YSL Opium pour homme EDT is also remarkably similar to Balenciaga pour homme but again it is softer and less spicier than the later.

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    Default Re: Ferrari Racing VS Yves Saint Laurent Opium PH

    exactly the same for me MikefromManhattan..
    Do not understand that I ve never discovered or tried Opium before...thought It wuuld"nt suit me...
    Oh what a mistake..
    tried today the eau de parfum version...bit to strong in the beginning, but what a sillage and base note !!!!!
    lasts forever....
    thanks YSL,

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