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    Default Rochas Man vs. Body Kouros (specific questions)

    So I just got samples of these and like them both a fair bit. Though the topnotes are rather similar, the fragrances move in somewhat different directions from there. I find that Rochas is more of a gourmand and has a chocolate note that BK lacks. BK is also gourmandy but much less so. Even though it is not a fresh scent it comes off as somewhat fresh to me, at least compared to Rochas. BK seems to have better sillage, but Rochas seems to last longer. I detect a note in BK that no one has mentioned that reminds me of fresh coconut milk, which I like. Anyone else notice this or am I just crazy? Anyways, I understand the differences (the above thoughts are from a wrist-to-wrist test) but still feel like it is unncessary to have both, since I'd prolly choose similar situations to wear this type of scent. Given the short-term nature of samples, I can only find out so much for myself about these fragrances. Thusly, I was hoping some of you guys who have owned either or both of these for extended periods of time could enlighten me as to what changed from your initial perceptions to your current ones and how you like these after many uses. Do girls seem to prefer one over the other? (far from my top priority just wondering) Does one stay more interesting than the other over time? After many uses do either reveal any exceptional qualities of composition? Also, let me know if you feel like my current thoughts are way off cuz I know how inconsistant frags can be. Thanks for the input, I've really been killing myself over this one.

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    Default Re: Rochas Man vs. Body Kouros (specific questions

    From experience, I think Body Kouros would be the more versatile scent. Rochas can get cloying fast, especially in the warmer months. I never wear it during summer with the exception of cooler nights. Body Kouros on the other hand can be worn in any weather (as long as you're not in the desert). You just have to adjust the way you apply it. Both generate positive compliments, but I personally prefer Body Kouros. Rochas Man has the tendency to get flat and "syrupy" during the drydown while Body Kouros retains a lot of its crispness. It's all a matter of which one you like better. Shop around because both of them can be bought for around $20 online.

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    Default Re: Rochas Man vs. Body Kouros (specific questions

    This is as hard a comparison as it can get. *I'm a huge fan of both and have worn both quite often this winter. *As stated, the BK is fresher, it's suitable for any weather, but i find Rochas Man more complex, and both fragrances last really long on me, about 6-8 hours, though i think the Rochas Man is stronger, and in my experience the Rochas Man has better sillage. *The BK has good sillage too, but because of its fresh nature, it's a bit light compared to RM. *Compliment wise, it's really hard to tell which one gets the most, it seems that everytime i wear any of these two i get complimented, both of them has pimp written all over. *But on a personal preference i like Rochas man because i find the coffee and lavender combo to be very soothing and really relaxing, and that's from a non-coffee drinker. *Sometimes the BK irritates my skin and leaves a rash on my neck, nontheless i still like it very much.
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    Default Re: Rochas Man vs. Body Kouros (specific questions

    I think both are good scents. BK was my #1 frag for a year, but I'm wishy-washy on gourmands (or quasi-gourmands in the case of BK) now, with the exception of Miracle Homme.

    My beef with Rochas Man is that it was rather cloying on me, probably from the whammy of lavender it has. I also don't have any real occasion to wear something so hard-core gourmand; it isn't one I'd wear to work or church or even to visit the parents ... just too much siliage. Like Kouros, it is one which I would just wear around the house for myself, but with the cloying nature of the frag, I didn't even wear it for myself. Off it went to FSOT.

    BK is a lot more comforting and wearable, but sometimes too linear and powdery for me.
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    Default Re: Rochas Man vs. Body Kouros (specific questions

    I own both, and yes they are gourmand-y type of scents, but I always keep reaching for the Rochas Man. I even have to make a conscious effort to refrain from wearing it too much since too much of a good thing can make me tire of it too quickly. Rochas Man is that caramel mocha scent that is comforting to me, but thankfully it's not too overly sweet that I still feel good wearing it by the end of the day, however it's not the longer lasting scent of the two on my skin. Body Kouros is very vanillic and of dark wood, but there's something in it that makes it a bit intolerable as the day wears on, probably because it doesn't evolve too much or that certain note just lingers much too long for my liking.

    Haven't had a comment on either, but I think RM probably might be the winner if it ever happened since it doesn't smell too over the top like BK.

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    Default Re: Rochas Man vs. Body Kouros (specific questions

    I really appreciate these comments, it's nice to hear what you guys have to say after using these for a while. Looks like this might have to be a game-time decision on my part as thus far people haven't been able to come to an agreement. Keep trying to convince me, I'm enjoying all of your opinions. Strong opinions and convincing stories are very very welcome!

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    Default Re: Rochas Man vs. Body Kouros (specific questions

    I previously own BK and recently got RM. I wouldn't put them in the same category. RM is gourmand to the core with vivid coffee/chocolate impressions but BK is just sweet with lots of spices and incense. RM would be like sexier but BK would be more fresh, young and unique kind of thing. If I have to choose between them I won't be able to let go of either. IMO each should have its own place in your wardrobe.

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    Default Re: Rochas Man vs. Body Kouros (specific questions

    I would go with Rochas Man, but as stated earlier I would consider them different (and cheap) enough to have both. However, I've gotten more compliments on Rochas Man, and people tell me that Body Kouros reminds them of some kind of soap, not that I agree with that. It basically comes down to if you want a smokey sweet quality(BK) or a coffee/chocolate quality(RM).

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    Default Re: Rochas Man vs. Body Kouros (specific questions

    I have been using both of these for several years and prefer the Body Kouros. I just got a bottle of Rochas Man Intense and am giving that a chance right now.

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    Arrow Re: Rochas Man vs. Body Kouros (specific questions)

    I can't decide whether I think Body Kouros is more similar to Rochas Man or to Animale Animale. I think Body Kouros tends toward the heavyish sweetness I find in Rochas Man, but also hints at the sharper wood and spice in Animale Animale. I don't think I have a clear favorite among these 3.

    At any rate I definitely find Body Kouros much more akin to Rochas Man and Animale Animale than to Bulgari Black or Le Male which also get mentioned. Obviously it has nothing in common with Kouros!

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    Default Re: Rochas Man vs. Body Kouros (specific questions)

    I own both. We can wear Body all day. Rochas Man is like La Male JPG strong. sweet and olny to the club or night.

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    Arrow Re: Rochas Man vs. Body Kouros (specific questions)

    I own both and I prefer Body Kouros which is classier smelling to me.

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