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Thread: Mantigo for Men

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    Default Mantigo for Men

    I'm trying to track down a cologne named Mantigo for a friend. An internet search has come up with a scent called Brazilia, launched in 1988. However, the press described this as "another" men's scent by Mantigo, and I suspect that my friend is looking for an eponymous scent lauched earlier.

    Does anyone have an information on this house? Any ideas on where I could find the scent? I don't want to grill my friend too closely, because I'd love to surprise him with a bottle.

    Thanks in advance for any help whatsoever!

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    Default Mantigo men cologne eau de cologne

    Anyone try this?
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    Default Re: Mantigo men cologne eau de cologne

    Very rare fragrance, indeed.
    I remember trying it in the very early 90's and being intrigued.
    Like many of the 80's fragrances it has a rich, heavy base.
    The scent is difficult to describe; a combination of woods and exotic spice and amber and musk in the drydown.
    Imagine a more luxurious edition of obsession, more subtle and more alluring.
    A unique scent from back in the day.
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    Default Re: Mantigo men cologne eau de cologne

    Well, just tracked down and got a bottle of this today - quite unique!
    Definitely transports me to a different time (80's), when colognes were not afraid to make a statement and everything didn't smell like grapefruit. In addition to what I wrote in the previous post, I'd like to add that the fragrance has a strong oriental note, which I find appealing. This is a special scent and will not appeal to some, but for those looking for a rich, alluring and distinctive fragrance, Mantigo delivers the goods.
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    Default Re: Mantigo for Men

    Unfortunately, I just came across your post recently.
    You've probably either found it by now or perhaps have given up.
    This is certainly a rare and special fragrance from the 80's.
    It was put out by a men's skin care line (Mantigo Inc.) from Los Angeles and launched around '86.
    The fragrance is a woody, spicy, oriental - imagine a male version of Obsession for Women.
    This is really an exotic scent and would definitely not appeal to the masses (especially these days), but it's rich and distinctive and very alluring. I enjoy it (we'll see how the ladies respond).
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