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    Default Cuir Venenum ....Erotic leather !!

    Has anyone tried Cuir Venenum ?
    It´s from a french firm I´ve never heard of or seen in germany, ( Parfumerie Générale ).
    It sounds intriguing. It´s described as an erotic leather fragrance, (unisex).

    Top notes: Bergamotte, orange blossom

    Middle notes: Leather, sulphur !!!

    Base notes: Musk, myrrh, cedarwood

    The firm uses the abbreviation P.G. with a series of frgrances, all numbered. Cuir Venenum is written at the top of the label on the bottle. Underneath is written PG03. It was lauched in 2004.
    The whole series sounds interesting and I like the understatement styling of the product. I have only seen photos of the products. Has anyone had a sniff ??
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    Default Re: Cuir Venenum ....Erotic leather !!

    It is really nice David.

    I have just bumped up the Parfumerie General thread so that you can read about the other scents in the range.
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    Default Re: Cuir Venenum ....Erotic leather !!

    CV is my favorite of the line...floowed closely by Coze and Musc Maori...All 8 scents Kick ASS!

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