Here's the fragrance notes: Pink grapefruit, black currant, mint, Jasmine, Rose, Lily of the Valley, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Amber, Musk, Civet.

What do you get? A warm, ambery, woodsy scent reminiscent of L'Instant PH and the powdery drydown of Shalimar. This is what'll tide me over until I get my hands on L'Instant Extreme on my buddy's trip to Paris in 2 weeks.

Funny how a scent created in 1988 for women has the scent characteristics that blurs the gender boundaries today. Remarkable guys, TRY IT! While the mens version reminds me of Black Code, Tuscany PH, and the sweet version of Romeo Gigli, I think it's syrupy and too sweet compared to the womens version.

My last fascination was incense and amber, now I've gone to the comforting smell of powdery scents a la Arpege, Shalimar, Egoiste (again!), and Lagerfeld Classic, not to mention Chypre/Fougere scents that seem lacking in my collection. Guess it's my last big bang of the season before the weather truly gets too warm for this stuff. I think it's fresh fougeres and fresh woods like Rive Gauche, M7 original/fresh, Vendetta (not too heavy after the opening notes), and Terre d'Hermes (haven't tried it yet, but shows promise) for the warmer months ahead.

Anyone with their experiences on Roma? Gotta give props to scenteur7 because it was his recommendation on his blog post, and there were no regrets on the first sniff! If you haven't visited his blogsite yet ( ) , it's well worth it. There's gotta be some insight to the 450+ frags in his collection!