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    Default Kenneth Cole Signature...

    I kind of like it - my daughter LOVES it - what do you think of it? ~mm
    Peace ~ Markymark

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    Default Re: Kenneth Cole Signature...

    I kind of like it too. *I think it is pretty decent, although I never really wear it to any place. *The bottle cap seems kind of cheap, and the whole marketing push seems to indicate that it is much more formal than it actually is. * It smells a lot like Reaction, only with the fruits replaced by some sweet woods. *Not bad, nothing special - not at retail, at least. *It isn't offensive, so it can be worn easily and generate fans (ex. your daughter), but I don't think it is very original. *In any occasion where I would wear this, I seem to find something else that works for me better before than Signature, personally speaking. *

    Pros - Smells good, pleasantly sweet, and gets a compliment or two

    Cons - Tacky bottle, very light and short-lasting for a "signature" woody frag.

    ...and that's what I think of it!

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    Default Re: Kenneth Cole Signature...

    I like it, but I cannot help but think it smells like a lot of others out there. I actually would go for Bulgari Aqua or Z Zegna. If you stick to KC, then I would go for his first... Kenneth Cole New York with the round bottle. Lasts longer.

    Close your eyes, so you can see what you're smelling.

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    Default Re: Kenneth Cole Signature...

    In the famous words of Aerosmith........Same 'ol song and dance!!


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