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    Default Ambercrombie vs. Bond

    I have been enjoying A&F Fierce alot! I noticed that riverside drive has some spiceness in the drydown. What is your personal preference of these two and why?

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    I like Fierce but it is too plain to me. I think that it is just like so many others out there and doesn't really appeal to me. I don't know the bond so I can't vote on this one but I would probably have to go with that one just based on the Bond reputation. I have to smell it though. I give a thumbs down to Fierce.

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    Awe envyus, you break my heart, hehehe. Kidding. Anyway, I think fierce is so exceptionally potent juice! I love the aroma of the drydown and if you have not walked by the store in the mall, it projects like an elephant tally whacker! The sillage is killer and one spuirt will do ya! Its no secret that I detest the house of Bond but I do think the only unique fragrance they have is Riverside drive. I honestly cannot say that clones anything I have sampled. So, if there is any bond fans reading this, you have one that I can endorse but that is it!

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    There is a guy I work with who wears Fierce. It has a pleasant spicyness that I love. To me it smells like a dry version of of Allure without the sweetness.

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    Default Re: Ambercrombie vs. Bond

    Quote Originally Posted by ikkitosennomusha
    Awe envyus, you break my heart, hehehe. Kidding.
    I actually have a friend who wears it and it isn't bad. It is not that appealing to me though. It is nothing like Kouros though. I can at least be ok around this fragrance. It is just not for me. I don't mean to break your heart. I will mend it for you... ;D

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