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    Default 10 smells that define your life.....

    Often many people have 100 or more scents that they enjoy having and smelling. But hardly do they ever get the opportunity to use all of them. So in this thread I want members to list 10 scents that define not only what they want to smell like, but also goes perfectly with thier life. For example, a farmer wouldnt be wearing Clive Christian. But a stock broker wouldnt be wearing the dollar store rip off of drakkar noir. I will start with my 10.

    1.Acqua Di Gio.....maybe a little over played in the day, but people now dont know what it is.
    2.Geir. Fresh, warm, and inviting. It dosent get any better than this.
    3.Laguna. Very nice, warm, woody, smooth scent. Lasts forever. Gotta love it.
    4.Mesmerize. Mysterious, women love it. Smells like JOOP with some nice spicy vanilla in it.
    5.PI. I love vanilla. It goes on strong and lasts quite a while
    6.Mambo. Love the smooth spiciness of it. Goes very good on a warm summer night here.
    7.Hanae Mori EDP. My girlfriend likes chocolate covered cherries.
    8.Angel men. One of my favorites. You have to love the fire and chocolate. Very cozy, night out scent.
    9.Raw Vanilla. A Must for vanilla PHREAKS!
    10.Desire Blue. Nothing cuts through the humidity like this clear, crisp smell.

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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    Green Irish Tweed
    Ambre Sultan
    Allure Homme
    Tabaróme Millésime
    Méchant Loup
    Voleur de Roses
    Santal Noble
    Ambre Extrême
    Borneo 1834

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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    Polo Sport
    Boss #6
    Swiss Army
    Rochas Man
    Le Male
    Dior Homme
    Vetiver Extraordinaire
    Current top 5:
    1. Puredistance M
    2. Kilian Apple Brandy
    3. Amouage Fate Man
    4. Parfums de Marly Galloway
    5. Naomi Goodsir Bois d'Ascese

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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    So, not all of these do I like, most I wouldn't wear anymore, but they did define periods or aspects of my life:

    Gucci PH - strong, woodsy, masculine yet wearable in public
    Angel Men - a lesson in blind buying something everyone else is raving about! Neat, but too foody for me.
    Polo - the smell of my junior high experience, a big green swamp
    Dreamer - my scent for about two years (6 years ago), many compliments back then, would never don it now
    Cool Water - never buy a scent b/c a GIRL tells you to (now, if a WOMAN tells you to, well that's different)
    Chanel PM - my first "classy" scent; I still like it
    HUGO, Hugo Boss - a particularly fun trip to the beach
    Tommy - my college years, everyone, everywhere
    Creed BdP - my new definition of a "manly" scent; that one note that won't leave me be
    Villoresi Piper Nigrum - a notion of where I'd like to go with my wardrobe: quality, unique, artisan
    BONUS: MPG and L'Artisan - teaching me how a fragrance can show you a place you've never been

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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    Chanel Egoiste
    Chanel Anataeus
    Caron L'Impact de Pour un Homme
    Guerlain Habit Rouge
    Guerlain Vetiver
    Czech & Speake No. 88
    Czech & Speake Neroli
    Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur
    L'Artisan Voleur de Roses
    Dior Homme

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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    Cool Water ~ my first real love
    Boss #6 ~ opened me up to orientals ( my favorite type of fragrance)
    Envy ~ made it just in time for an important date on Valentines day... continues to be a favorite
    Tea for Two ~ My favorite L'Artisan and has been on important dates with me
    Voleur de Roses ~ second favorite L'Artisan and number one pick in the Spring time
    Animale Animale ~ gift from girlfriend. Only smelled it once before but ended up loving it...
    Bois du Portugal ~ my little sister hates it becaues I smell "old". My most classy and manly smell
    Blv Notte pH ~ reminds me of my dad and I always thought of it as special
    M7 ~ is it just that good!!
    Lolita Lempicka ~ signature scent

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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    Coco Chanel - My mom wore this throughout most of my childhood and continues to wear it today
    Mont Blanc Presence - First frag I ever bought when I was going into university first year (2002)
    J Del Pozo Quasar - First Frag bought off ebay after reading basenotes reviews
    Mat;Male - First fragrance that really made me think of looking towards lesser known brands vs. dept store staples.
    Drakkar Noir - but only the shampoo and deodorant, used these for a very long time.
    Gendarme - Became my first constant rebuy (something ill probably wear for many years to come)
    Creed - Royal English leather - first fragrance to totally blow me away, bought a flacon of this
    Creed - Erolfa, for presentations, job interviews etc
    Serge Lutens - Ambre Sultan & Arabie - My current favourites (2006)

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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    Old Spice--I started with it and used it for years
    Jade East--the first one I bought because it was popular
    English Leather--the first one I bought to impress a girl
    Eau Sauvage--my first designer scent
    Azzaro--my first power scent
    Ungaro III--because it's Ungaro III
    Body Kouros--my first "modern scent"
    Kouros--taught me to not go by initial impressions
    Gucci Pour Homme--convinced me that owning more than 2 or 3 scents made sense
    Lanvin L'Homme--made me appreciate the lighter scents

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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    In the category sweet teenage memories: Brut by Fabergé, Romance by Ralph Lauren

    In the category scents I've owned the longest: A*men by Thierry Mugler, Versus Uomo by Versace

    In the category recent discoveries: Tea for Two and Mechant Loup by l'Artisan Parfumeur, Ungaro III by Emmanuel Ungaro and Musk by Lorenzo Villoresi

    In the category cheap and wonderful: Diesel Green

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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    Quote Originally Posted by Daddy_Thrax
    9.Raw Vanilla. A Must for vanilla PHREAKS!

    okay. . .now just hold on a moment! lol.

    i wonder if this is the same "Raw Vanilla" that i loved as a 13-15 year old, but is impossible to find ever since...

    is it a cheap ass brand available at Walmarts?? LOL . i used to love that so much! or are you talking about a different kind. . like a designer Raw Vanilla?

    thanks daddy ;D

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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    Quote Originally Posted by Rockford
    Chanel Egoiste
    Chanel Anataeus *
    Caron L'Impact de Pour un Homme
    Guerlain Habit Rouge
    Guerlain Vetiver
    Czech & Speake No. 88
    Czech & Speake Neroli
    Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur
    L'Artisan Voleur de Roses
    Dior Homme
    OOOoooooHHHH,baby! You smell gooooddddd! :-*

    Quote Originally Posted by apekrul
    In the category cheap and wonderful: Diesel Green
    Yay! You must be the only other person on the PLANET that appreciates this wonderful and underrated perfume!!! We must mate! :-*


    Favourite (Winter) Crazy Combos

    Tabu + Orange Blossom * Hermes Rouge + Bellodgia* Voleur du Roses+ Rose Ispahan * Rasa Extreme + Paris * Wood Coffee + Cafe Noir *

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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    Boss #1 - Did not own this one, but borrowed it from a friend when I was younger.
    Tsar - My first "real" fragrance.
    Eternity - High school
    Boss Elements - University
    Issey - Moving to the USA
    Passage d'Enfer - First niche. Got instantly hooked.
    Royal English Leather - My girlfriend loves leather, and I wore this the first time I met her.
    La Nuit - Wow! A female fragrance can be more masculine than masculine frags
    Tea for Two - Yet a revelation. I did not think I would enjoy smelling like tea.
    Musc Ravageur - New life, new opportunities.

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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    Helmut Lang - Cuiron
    I've owned several fragrances prior to this one (Old Spice, Aqua di Giò, CK Be...) but this is where my fascination started

    Comme des Garçons - Odeur 53
    The first scent I bought via internet and opened up a whole new world of scents

    L'Artisan - Dzing!
    Even thought the first two here really bloved me away when I purchased them, Dzing! just made me realize how... I don't know... I can't really put it in words... How incredible scents can really be. I was just totally fascinated and still am.

    Comme des Garçons - Calamus
    The greenest and most fresh scent in the vegetable garden. I can't no longer say I will always keep this one in my arsenal, since it is discontinued now. I guess Philosykos will take it's place as my greenest of greens.

    Frederic Malle - Vétiver Extraordinaire
    A very recent very best friend. Might very well be my holy grail.

    Comme des Garçons - 2
    One I will make sure to never be without.

    Serge Lutens - Daim Blond
    I've been toying with the idea of using this one exclusively for one month, only to make people associate the scent with me. Force it to become my signature. Oh the smothness and I just can't get passed out silky it feels. Softer than suede...

    Serge Lutens - Chergui
    I hardly believe there is a better smelling scent out there, period.

    Hermès - Eau des Merveilles
    The one scent I kind of met my girlfriend with. It was the one thing that triggered the first complement at least and it continued from there. It is not only great memories, but a marvelous scent. So amazing.

    The house. I'm not really sure why I choose to put this one here, but it is a recent love and I will continue to research their scents (only tried two so far) and I bet they will stay with me for a very very long time. They are definately me.

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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    CK Obession - first frag i ever put on....back when I was 5 or 6 haha

    Adidas moves - first frag. I bought

    Drakkar Noir - Christams time

    Swiss Army - school

    Boss #6 - po tang and parties hahahah

    Stenson Black - frineds and going out for coffee breaks

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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    I'll take you on a tour of the milestone scents in the evolution of my tastes:

    Nautica Competition (original), Polo Sport - my first fragrances. I wore them all through high school and college.

    Burberry Weekend - my girlfriend told me she liked it so I bought it. For some unknown reason I decided to look up reviews of it and I found BASENOTES. My wallet will never forgive Burberry Weekend.

    A*Men - One of my first purchases after discovering Basenotes. I smelled it, bought it, and ended up hating it. I disliked it so much that I lost confidence in the reviews at Basenotes. Eventually, I began to understand the classes of scents and how widely tastes can vary. Now I read reviews with a lot more experience and a big grain of salt.

    Green Irish Tweed - This is the scent that really hooked me. If Weekend got me to basenotes, GIT got me to stay.

    Tam Dao - I had a major block against wood. Until Tam Dao I only liked fresh scents, but something in Tam Dao was so different that it got me to see things in a different light. Now I enjoy many woody scents.

    Vetiver Extraordinaire - Wow - CLASSY. I'm not a big vetiver fan, but VE does it like no other.

    That brings the tally up to 7, so I'll give honorable mention to a few scents just because they kick ass:
    YSL Live Jazz
    New Haarlem - not my type, but smells AMAZING on my girlfriend.

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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    Voleur de Roses
    L'Air Du Temps
    Caline (Patou)
    Auric Blends Egyptian Musk
    Nuit de Noel

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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    Lynx Africa - the smell of the early 90's!
    YSL Opium
    Le Male
    Ultraviolet Man
    Very Irresistable
    Rochas Man ( a recent one... )
    Platinum Egoiste
    Hanae Mori HM
    CK Contradiction

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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    Hi all,

    OK, my ever changing TOP TEN.


    Now...I have thought about this a LOT recently...I LOVE my (so called) STINKY fragrances, L'ARTISAN DZING, DIPTYQUE L'AUTRE, McQUEEN KINGDOM, L'EAU BLEUE D'ISSEY, KOUROS, etc. however, if I needed to RE-place the above listed and keep within my TOP doubt about it....YSL KOUROS!
    Yes...KOUROS...even over DZING! I LOVE DZING! is the way with L'ARTISAN, NO staying power. Continuing towards my CURRENT TOP TEN...
    MILLER HARRIS F. TABAC. I have received MORE compliments of the MILLER HARRIS than ANY other fragrance I own. My only complaint is the staying power is a bit too short but, longer than L'ARTISAN. Continuing...

    OK, one more...errrrr...
    SANTA MARIA NOVELLA NOSTALIGA (if I owned it) but...since I only have a little sample remaining...ya know...this SUCKS! I can't live with ONLY Ten! Twenty maybe but...not ten! OK...maybe something somewhat sweet...HABIT ROUGE!


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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    1) Acqua di Gio: The scent that got me interested in fragrances. We all have to start somewhere...

    2) Mugler Cologne: The scent that got me interested in fragrances AGAIN after a long hiatus.

    3) Creed SMW: Led me not to buy anything from (or even trust) Neiman Marcus ever again.

    4) Angel Men: Cedar Point in a bottle.

    5) CdG 2 MAN: Proof that blind buys can work out great.

    6) L'Instant Pour Homme. Even good scents can be ruined by classmates who marinate in it.

    7) Dior Homme: Shows how connecting with other Basenoters can result in great finds.

    8) Habit Rouge: A timeless classic.

    9) Kouros: Just one spritz from the tester at Sephora turned me off from chypres and animalic scents forever.

    10) Azzaro Pour Homme: Gotta throw in what my Grandpa used...still smells great after all these years.
    Top 5 for Fall:
    1) Straight to Heaven - By Kilian
    2) New York - Nicolai
    3) Terre d'Hermes
    4) Aventus - Creed
    Flower of Immortality - By Kilian
    My mission statement: "I am not afraid to keep on living - I am not afraid to walk this world alone."

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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    1) Eau Sauvage: The first fragrance I ever owned

    2) Sables: My first taste of Annick Goutal

    3) Eau d'Hadrien: the second, perfect in summer

    4) Fresh Index Cucumber Baie: lovely smelling

    5) Daim Blond: The first SL I ever got. *Gorgeous suede

    6) Ambre Sultan: The second SL, not one that I got into easily. *But the skin scent dry-down makes me want to cuddle up with me for hours

    7) Borneo 1823: The moment I smelled this one when a friend brought it back from Paris, I knew I had to have it

    8) Chene: Same reaction as Borneo. *Thank goodness I have friends who live in Europe

    9) Padparadascha: starts as a lovely cedar, ends with a wonderful anmber

    10) Musc Ravageur: *The only Musk that ever worked on me.

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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    Only ten? OK, here goes:

    1. Chanel Antaeus
    2. MPG Santal Noble
    3. MPG Parfum d'Habit
    4. Hermès Rocabar
    5. Serge Lutens Daim Blond
    6. Boucheron Jaipur pour Homme
    7. Hugh Parsons Blue
    8. L'Artisan Parfumeur Timbuktu
    9. Creed Bois du Portugal
    10. Creed Green Irish Tweed

    I wish I had been able to choose only one from each house, but Creed and MPG are really outstanding in my scent universe.

    No Guerlain? As I look back over the list that seems impossible! Coriolan, Vetiver, and Jicky should be there. And Gucci Nobile should be in there, too. And Helmut Lang Cuiron. Oh! And Clive Christian 1872 for Men and X for Men. And Amouage Gold for Men, and Dia for Men. Yes, and Acqua di Parma Profumo.

    How about twenty? Can I have twenty? But then I'd want thirty, and then fifty... and that way lies madness!

    Ask me next year. It might be a different ten. Or twenty. Or whatever!
    Yr good bud,


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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    Old Spice, Brut, English Leather- my first fragrances, high school

    Polo- my college scent

    Grey Flannel and Romance Silver- post college scents that I associate with a special girl in a great time in my life.

    ck be- great simple fragrance. i learned that i am a big musk fan and this cologne does it well.

    Givenchy Gentleman- opened up a new class of fragrance to me, this one is the first one that is not so easy for me to wear, but I love it.

    Burberry London and Bvlgari PH- the present and the future

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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    An evolving list.

    Tam Dao
    Bois du Portugal
    Gucci Pour Homme
    Santal Noble
    Musc Ravageur
    Bvlgari Pour Homme
    Green Irish Tweed
    Givenchy Gentleman

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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    The ten most significant perfumes in my life are:
    1&2) Parfum Sacre & Private Collection- the first perfume I ever got for myself as called Abishag, and I loved it. It's discontinued, of course. I now have these two perfumes that are most similar to Abishag - Private Collection resembles the top notes, and Parfum Sacre the overall feeling of dark and sensual mystery.
    3) Diorissimo - this was my signature scent for about 6 or 8 years of my life. I wore it to my wedding and only stopped wearing it so much when I got over my X. You know, after not wearing a perfume for a while, when you put it on it brings you back instantly to who and how you were when you wore it. That is why I stopped wearing Diorissimo... Too much pain associated with this happy perfume.
    4) Vol de Nuit - that is my grandmother's signature perfume. My grandfather first gave it to her when they visited the Guerlain boutique in Paris and she received a fragrance consultation - Vol de Nuit matched her adventurous personality. She is now over 83 and still travels the world!
    5) Shalimar - the first Guerlain parfum I got for myself. It also reminds me of my grandmother, who worn this through the period when Vol de Nuit was nowhere to be found. It is so seductive and alluring.
    6) Espionage - my own signature perfume which truly defines who I am if that's even possible... It's like my skin.
    7) l'Herbe Rouge - to me it's the ultimate scent for a man and brings back comforting and pleasant memories of freedom and playing outdoors in hay and mud.
    8) Orange blossom - whenever I smell a truely good orange blossom absolute, it unties a knot in my heart. It reminds me of home so badly. Fleurs d'Oranger does this to me, but it's a bit too sweet. I know a good orange blossom by feeling that knot in my heart... Generally speaking, I feel stronger connection to specific notes rather than perfumes as they have been introduced to my life earlier (I did not grow up around many perfumes).
    9) Mitsouko. Do I really need to explain why? Ok, I am going to try. Once I finally got to understand and appreciate the beauty of Mitsouko, it made me feel as though each and every note of it sings the story of my life. I have no personal history with Mitsouko (haven't smelled it in my childhood or on anybody else at any time), but once this connection was made, it is now for life.
    10) Tobacco scents. Specifically - Feuilles de Tabac and Habanita. Both remind me of my dearly departed grandfather. In fact, leather scents in general do - but especially these to flamboyant and mysterious ones.
    Ayala Moriel, Perfumer
    Ayala Moriel Parfums
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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    1) Jicky Guerlain
    2) Vetiver Annick Goutal
    3) Ambre Sultan SL
    4) Cabochard
    5) Oud Cuir d`Arabie Montale (or even better - Oud attars)
    6) Dzing! Artisan
    7) Musc Ravageur FM
    8) Incense Norma Kamali
    9) Cuir de Russie (Creed or Le Jardin Retrouve)
    10) Bel Ami Hermes

    Better put it that way - Vetiver, Leather and Oud notes in their best (mostly niche) concoctions
    Vetiver The Great!!!

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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    Quote Originally Posted by expecto_patronum
    [quote author=Daddy_Thrax link=1141876868/0#0 date=1141876868]
    9.Raw Vanilla. *A Must for vanilla PHREAKS!

    okay. . .now just hold on a moment! *lol. *

    i wonder if this is the same "Raw Vanilla" that i loved as a 13-15 year old, but is impossible to find ever since...

    is it a cheap ass brand available at Walmarts?? LOL . i used to love that so much! *or are you talking about a different kind. . like a designer Raw Vanilla? *

    thanks daddy *;D[/quote]

    Perhaps it's this one you're interested in:

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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    3)Bvlgari Blv pour femme
    4)Bvlgari Omnia
    5)Cacharel Noa
    7)Burberry Baby Touch
    8)Ellen Tracy
    9)Body Kouros
    10)Emprio Amani White

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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    First comes the one I really hate - Kenzo Flower
    It reminds me of an awful period of my life.
    And every person I dislike seems to wear this fragrance

    The first fragrance I fell in love with is Kenzo L'Eau Par

    The first scent which opened my fragrance hobby was Herba Fresca

    The fragrance which stays with me for the longest period of time is Zen Shiseido

    The best-ever-fragrance Cuir de Russie

    Current signature sent - Harissa CdG

    Agent Provocateur - the first fragrance my husband presented to me

    CdG Ourzazate - this is a scent of my childhood in Crimea

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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    ¡Mi vida loca! in fragrances...

    1. Mennen Skin Bracer/Ice Blue Aqua Velva -- Wore these while learnin' to use a styptic pencil to preclude transfusions after whacking away at peach fuzz.
    2. Old Spice -- High School and first job.
    3. Royall Lyme -- Bought from the "source" in Bermuda, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and all over the Caribbean while sailin' for Uncle Sam.
    4. C-M Verbena -- My first real scent "love."
    5. Santos -- My first compliment ever received.
    6. Lauder for Men -- My all-time fave.
    7. Voleur de Roses -- First niche and blockbusting fragrance eye-opener.
    8. Bois du Portugal -- Hey! Simply the best spice perfume out there!
    9. Tabac Blond -- I actually believe this is a bona fide Holy Grail perfume that lifts the veil to touch the past.
    0. Ultraviolet Man -- My latest true Great One! Why? Hard to say. I just can't explain it?!

    Oh, and Guerlain Vetiver is in there too somewhere... *8-)

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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    I can only think of 5 right now...

    1.) Claiborne Sport: my signature scent in highschool

    2.) Le Male: drunken nights and partying with the guys

    3.) Pi: getting cozy by the fireplace next to my gf during christmas

    4.) Passage d'Enfer: the scent that helped ease my mind during last semester's exams

    5.) Geir: the scent that sums up who I am

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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    Serge Lutens - Daim Blond (newly fallen in love with this)
    Annick Goutal - Duel (the one I think of as my signature scent)
    Gucci - Pour Homme (dry elegance)
    l'Artisan - Dzing! (an eyeopener)
    Frederic Malle - Vetier Extraordinaire (raw, dry, scary)
    Annick Goutal - Sables (as masculine as I dare to go, so far)
    l'Artisan - L'Eau de l'Artisan (the freshest I've got)
    Frederic Malle - Musc ravageur (sweet and dark)
    l'Artisan - Passage d'Enfer (on the subtle side, but i like the concept)
    Arte et labore

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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    Carnal Flower
    Cannabis Santal
    Idole de Lubin

    Eau de New York
    Ambre Narguille
    Amouage Gold
    Ormonde Men

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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    1. Mennen Skin Bracer - what Big Jim, my Grandfather (Dad's Dad) wore. He lived 350 miles away and we saw him twice a year. Loved the way he smelled. When I would stay at his house, I'd put some on even though I wasn't shaving yet.

    2. Clubman Lilac Vegetal - what my Dad wore. Consequently, what I wore during high school.

    3. Polo - branching out in college.

    4. Paco Rabanne & Drakkar Noir - branching out in law school.

    5. Obsession - once I discovered Obsession in the early 1990s, it quickly became an all-time favorite. Really meshed with my skin chemistry. Got a lot of compliments. Together with DK Men (gift from a girlfriend) and Polo Sport (what was I thinking?), I wore these almost exclusively for a dozen years.

    6. Gucci Envy - one of the first bottles I purchased after discovering Basenotes. Nostalgic - reminded me of sophisticated version of Big Jim's scent - Skin Bracer.

    7. Green Irish Tweed - another discovery thanks to Basenotes. Became my standard office scent. The progression from top notes to base notes blew my mind and opened my nose, err blew my nose and opened my mind. Well - you know what I mean. After I polished off a 4 oz bottle, I bought my first flacon.

    8. Aramis Havana - My first foray into: 1) discontinued scents, and 2) back up bottles. The cacaphony opening and tobacco/bay rum drydown totally hooked me. Once I sampled it, I could not stop buying bottles.

    9 & 10. To be determined . . .

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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    1) Égoïste - my first 'real' scen ever. I never stopped loving this. My Signature scent
    2) Fahrenheit - also one of my first, almost all of my friends hate it, but not me
    3) Dune pour Homme - The absolute best citrus scent on the marked. The only one I use anyway
    4) Dolce Vita - the first pour Femme I ever used, opened up a whole new world
    5) Hypnotic Poison - My signature female scent. This is my personality in a bottle
    6) Dior Homme - Oh my, my favorite modern scent. Couldn't live without this
    7) Poison - for my bitchy and most flamboyant days
    8) Sun Moon Stars - the smell of my youth. My high school smelled exactly like this. Nostalgic
    9) Dior Homme Intense - My newest obsession, how I ever lived without this is beyond me
    X) Miss Dior Chérie - Another new obsession. Catpee to some, heaven in a bottle to others

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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    Eau Sauvage
    Guerlain Vetiver
    Grey Flannel
    Old Spice
    Pinaud Clubman
    Rive Gauche pour homme
    Polo (green)
    Chanel Pour Monsieur
    Givenchy Gentleman
    Bvlgari Black

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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    Gengis Khan
    Double Click
    La Voile Rouge

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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    Aramis Havana
    Baie de Genievre
    Bois du Portugal
    Santal Noble
    Guerlain Vetiver
    Green Irish Tweed
    Eau des Baux
    Erolfa/Neroli Sauvage

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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    Wow, an ancient thread! Let me put a little spin based on my own interpretation of the thread title, since what I wear don't define my life. Here are 10 scents commonly encountered in my life...and what they represent to me.

    1. Cool dewy air at the crack of dawn ---- fresh & unsullied, the scent of possibilities
    2. Freshly baked bread ---- best gourmand scent in the world.
    3. Steaming hot black coffee ---- nothing like it to greet you in the morning
    4. Teasing sillage from a woman ---- a reminder for me to count my blessings - that women exist!
    5. Lipstick ---- nothing says 'woman' as clearly as this scent.
    6. Crisp dollar note ----- alluring scent of power: cash is indeed 'King'
    7. Soft leather ----- a scent which spells 'comfort and luxury'
    8. Tobacco & exhaust ----- life in the urban jungle
    9. Sweaty, salty skin ----- the scent of effort, endurance & perseverance
    10. XXX ----- Pandora's great box of magic.
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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    Bois de Îles
    Cuir de Russie
    No 19
    No 5

    Vol de Nuit

    Knize Ten

    Leather, animalics, smoke, incense, balsams, resins, sandalwood, greenery and a touch of spice.
    Antaeus has been a constant in my wardrobe since the 80's, the rest are much newer additions.
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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    I like this thread, as it's not something I take into consideration -- defining myself -- when I usually choose a top 'however many'...

    Most definitive:

    Ungaro Diva
    Gucci L'Arte
    Niki de Saint Phalle
    Amouage Ubar
    Amouage Dia Woman
    PdN Odalisque
    Amouage Jubilation Woman
    Sisley Soir de Lune
    Jil sander Scent 79 Woman
    Jil Sander Woman III

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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    Great thread!

    1-. Shalimar, my GrandMa's favourite. Her house smelt of it.
    2-. Cologne Imperiale Carnival de Venise, My GrandPa's favourite - the original formula dated from the 1920's and it was very similar to Aramis JHL. When I tried this one for the first time I could not believe my nose.
    3-. Ambré by James Smart - My Father's favourite on formal occasions. I never got it: its longevity is nil, so I guess he wore it because of any other reason at all. Mother was always switching so I cannot associate her with one scent in particular.
    4-. Old Spice after shave, Father's everyday favourite.
    5-. Signoricci 1, first scent given to me by my Father when I was 13 years old.
    6-. Dior's Eau Sauvage, favourite scent when I was 16.
    7-. Pino Silvestre and Puig's Agua de Lavanda (I switched), I used them when attending school.
    8-. Rochas' Macassar, favourite when in college in the USA. Chanel's Antaeus, GB's Grey Flannel and RL's Polo comes to mind because they were in fashion at that same time, but I did not wear them and found them too common.
    9-. RL's Safari, favourite during first formal job at a big multinational.
    10-. Hermes Bel Ami, the one I used during my wedding.
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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    1.) Gravity - This is my first fragrance I ever wore and I wore it proudly through middle school. Every morning I would get picked up for school and would constantly get compliments from the girls. Now that I reminisce they nor I had very good taste lol
    2.) Cool Water - This has always reminded me of my dad and back in the day memories as he's worn it FOREVER and still continues to do so. One day I'll buy him Green Irish Tweed to replace it.
    3.) Rochas Man - My very first blind buy and still remains my signature scent and one of my absolute favorites. My most complimented fragrance by far.
    4.) Polo Sport - The first fragrance I bought specifically because the girl I was dating really liked it despite me not enjoying it so much. She ended up cheating on me and when I smell it now, it reminds me to be myself as opposed to trying to being somebody else for the sake of another person. It's also ironic considering how cheap the fragrance smells reflected how cheap she was.
    5.) Kenneth Cole Black - I remember my dad asking for this so I bought it Macy's when it first came out. Ever since then it's been his favorite. It reminds me of my dad in the present.
    6.) Polo Blue - Reminds me of the girl I hooked up with at Jobbie Nooner since it was her favorite fragrance and how both girls like her and scents like this are a dime a dozen!
    7.) Acqua Di Gio - Reminds me of a lot of my friends who have always worn this and they all seemed alike. I bought it to "fit in" per say but ended up opting for other out of the ordinary smells which fitted my personality much better. Reminded me of gradual progession where I stopped trying to please others and only started to please myself.
    8.) L'eau D'issey - For some it may be Le Male, Acqua Di Gio or Code but for me it's this. The official smell of the "douche bag" at least in my area. Every guy I know that is a completely tool wears this including my current girlfriend's ex.
    9.) Hypnotic Poison - The first woman's fragrance that I found so appealing I wear it myself. I love the strength, sillage and appeal of it.
    10.) Fierce - Reminds me of a lot of immature frat boys and girls with PINK on their butts but at the same time my current girlfriend who loves this stuff. I actually really like it myself and could care less of the image associated with the name. After all I also own Paris Hilton Man and love that stuff too!
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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    Quote Originally Posted by LoneWolf View Post
    Hypnotic Poison - The first woman's fragrance that I found so appealing I wear it myself.
    I love you!

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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    1- Hai Karate - First ever frag purchase.
    2- English Leather - Was my dad's which I wore when I realized how horribly repulsive Hai Karate was.
    3- Pierre Cardin Pour Monsieur - First designer frag that I wore. Often and too heavily.
    4- Polo Green - The frag I used at the time I now perceive the men's frag market was exploding.
    5- Grey Flannel - A dark, powerful alternative at the time it came out. I loved it.
    6- Joop!, Borsalino, Romeo Gigli, etc, etc The drifting years. Went from frag du jour to frag du jour when each bottle ran out. Living at the mercy of SAs and "cool looking" bottles. I wish I could remember them all.
    7- L'Eau de Issey - Purchase inspired by a beautiful woman who found it irresistible. Wore it a lot. Also marked the beginning of being more selective.
    8- Green Irish Tweed - First high end niche purchase.
    9- Domenico Caraceni 1913 - First purchase after joining Basenotes and researching scents through Directory.
    10- Vintage Tabarome - Current favorite which I initially tried and did not have the ability and patience to appreciate (due in no small part to disparaging comments and bias of SA).
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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    In random order:
    -Creed Tabarome Millesime
    -Creed Erolfa
    -Creed Baie de Genievre
    -Creed Original Vetiver
    -Creed Green Irish Tweed.
    -Bois1920 Extreme
    -Tauer L`Air du desert Marocain
    -Profumum Roma Victrix
    -Eau d`Italie Sienne I`Hiver
    -Eau d`Italie Bois d`Ombrie.

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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    1. Yohji Yamamoto Yohji - my last signature scent (sadly discontinued). I used up six full bottles of it!
    2. Serge Lutens Encens et Lavande - the scent I have worn most often since 2004 when I started to keep statistics of what I wear.
    3. Annick Goutal Eau de Charlotte - a scent I fell in love with against all odds that has become a springtime staple.
    4. Annick Goutal Vétiver - my "I've crossed oceans of time to find you" vetiver scent.
    5. L'Artisan DZING! - my first oddball scent, has always a special place in my heart.
    6. Etro Messe de Minuit - the perfect soulmate scent for a bookworm like me.
    7. Comme des Garçons Comme des Garçons EdP - as the slogan goes "works like a medicine, behaves like a drug". Could never be without it.
    8. Hermès Hiris - a quiet, melancholy iris scent I find extremely soothing and comforting.
    9. Guerlain L'Heure Bleue - the scent that has the power to make me feel all is well in the universe.
    10. Chanel Égoïste - my first men's scent, the scent that became hub's signature, and the scent we both wore when we got married.
    "Wovon man nicht lesen kann, darüber muss man schreiben."

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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    1. Enjoli by Avon- My mother wears this scent and it will forever be stamped in my mind as what she smells like. It is not something I wear, just something that comforts me.

    2. Diesel Green- The scent that started it all. I ordered this online and absolutely loved it. It made me realize how different each fragrance is, and so my journey began.

    3. D&G Light Blue- My very first BF wore this and now I can't stand the smell, incidentally...

    4. Midnight Poison by Dior- I just absolutely love this scent. I would bathe in it if I could. I didn't know how amazing perfume could be until I smelled this...

    5.Delicious Closet Queen by Etat Libre D'Orange- I gave my BF a sample of this, and he loved it. I hated it on me, but ironically it smelled amazing on him. He actually bought a full bottle recently. He only had 4 fragrances before, and already has a nice, I was a bit jealous. Anyway, I associate this scent with him.

    6. Un Jardin Apres La Mousson by Hermes- I cannot even describe in words how much I love this scent. I have heard people saying scent makes them imagine a scene in their mind but never really knew a scent could be that powerful until I smelled la Mousson.

    7. Fleur de Liane by L'artisan- same as number 6

    8. Escada Sunset Heat- My first fragrance. I love this because it is so ridiculously fruity. It makes me think of night time at the beach during a really hot summer.

    9. Voleur de Roses by L'Artisan- I actually blind bought a full bottle of this because of all I read, and it sure did not disappoint me. I love it so much. It smells so dark and dirty, but fresh and dewy at the same time. Amazing.

    10. Hiris by hermes- my absolute favorite Iris. It smells so cold and vegetal, it actually smells a bit like peanut butter to me, but definitely not in a bad way.

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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    Quote Originally Posted by Kinok View Post
    2. Diesel Green- The scent that started it all. I ordered this online and absolutely loved it. It made me realize how different each fragrance is, and so my journey began.
    This one?! Yeah, I love it too. My cousin gave he hers once,
    she couldn't stand it. It's a very strange perfume.
    I wonder where mine is? Had all but forgotten about it!

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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    Quote Originally Posted by tigrushka View Post
    10. Chanel Égoïste - my first men's scent, the scent that became hub's signature, and the scent we both wore when we got married.
    That is the coolest thing I've heard in a long time.
    My kind of couple..!

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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    loved going thru this thread...i had almos forgotten wht BN was really all about...

    Looking back at m very obvious i like the following accords

    L'Artisan Parfumer Patchouli Patch
    Mazzolari Lui
    Histoires de Parfums Noir Patchouli
    Parfumerie Generale Intrigrant Patchouli

    Frederick Malle Une rose
    The Different Company Rose Poivree
    Serge Lutens Cedre

    Montale Black Oudh

    Etro Messe de Minuit
    Parfumerie Generale Querelle

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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    Quote Originally Posted by Le Grand Duc View Post
    I love you!
    With a recent (cough) several-more-FB-purchase to make my bank account even less pleased... I sure wish someone would send me a sample of this so I can get out of jail in the eyes of our resident Duke! (I know I could just go to Ulta but that would be so ... common. She says, eyeing the mansion's now just slightly patched with snow expanse of wide garden, while tucked comfily beneath the massive but tasteful Mansion Luna's port-cochere.) ;-)

    (if I keep on buying scent in this fashion I'll have to cut the pool boy's hours. Sigh.)
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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    1. Polo Sport - This is the first men's cologne I've ever sprayed on myself. I was in high school, probably around my sophomore year. It was in the mid-90's and all the high school halls reeked of this stuff. A friend had it and let me spray it on. I personally think this was the blueprint for Polo Blue 10 years after Polo Sport.
    2. Armani Acqua di Gio - My very first cologne I've ever owned. I remembered having my first cologne and feeling that little bit of extra confidence. However, I was still too chicken to ask this one girl at work to the winter ball. I wore this stuff around my first 2 girlfriends (which were long distance relationships).
    3. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male - This one started it all. Purchased at a fragrance counter in the middle of the local mall, I bought the 4.2 oz bottle for $67. My very first cologne purchased with my own money.
    4. Thierry Mugler A*Men - I bought a mini of this from eBay just to see what the hype was about. Why did I try this one out? Basenotes. This was mentioned so many times on Basenotes when I joined. I never bought a full bottle because I just didn't like the burnt chocolate chip cookie note. Eventually I ended up owning B*Men at some point and now I currently wear Pure Malt.
    5. Thierry Mugler Cologne - If it weren't for this one and deciding to acquire a large decant of this from a Basenotes member just to give it a shot, I would have never wanted to try anything vetiver-based. I wore it, I gave what's left of my decant to a friend. Several months later, I bought an actual bottle. Paul Smith Story couldn't replace this at all. I learned to never settle for something I find incredibly enjoyable and just buy what I actually want. I went through some hard times a couple years ago and this scent was uplifting for me.
    6. Terre d'Hermes - This was one of the first samples I acquired from Sephora. I had not known Sephora made samples for customers. Since then, I've always stopped by any Sephora I'm around to sniff around and see what I want to take home to try. Of course, this was a Basenotes darling since it's release. My first impression at the time? "This sh*t smells baller!"
    7. Bulgari Aqua - This was another fragrance that was introduced to me via Basenotes and the 2nd bottle I ever picked out. To this day, it's still the king of aquatics for me. Anything else in this category from that point on was held up to this standard. I had given away what's left of my bottle, but again, months later, I came running back to it.
    8. Acqua di Parma Fico di Amafi - I was starting out and I had never smelled any niche. My initial impression a couple years ago was that supposedly coconut note. It turned out to actually be "fig milk" after trying it on a couple weeks ago. Maybe that's what's in Marc Jacobs for Men?
    9. Creed Millesime Imperial - I had acquired a few small decants of Creed fragrances because I've never smelled one before. Why did I take so long? I don't know, the price? Not too impressed, but it was the first Creed I've ever smelled on my own skin.
    10. Chanel Allure Edition Blanche - This was my signature scent from the summer of 2008 for over a year. I had my first strip club experience wearing this. Haha. Good times. Oddly enough, it's the only fragrance that's ever gotten compliments. It was exclusive for the longest time because 1) Not sold at high end department stores in the US at the time. 2) Only Fragrancenet had it and shortly after I purchased my bottle, it was sold out for months. Also, this was by far, my most successful blind buy to boot. The rest were "okay".
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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    Quote Originally Posted by actiasluna View Post
    I sure wish someone would send me a sample of this so I can get out of jail in the eyes of our resident Duke!
    Aah, I'm basking in my recently earned respect!
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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    Today, in no particular order
    1. Azzaro Pour Homme
    2. Kouros
    3. Green Irish Tweed
    4. Habit Rouge
    5. Eau Sauvage
    6. Grey Flannel
    7. Paco Rabanne
    8. Polo
    9. Aramis
    10. Balenciaga Pour Homme
    Tommorow, Who knows ?

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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    Zino Davidoff -- Have worn this longer than any other scent... almost 20 years. What I imagine I smell like when I wear no fragrance.
    Égoïste -- Early '90s.
    Dunhill Edition -- My first long-term relationship... we both wore this! 1990 - 1996.
    Eau d'Orange Verte -- Since the late '90s... What I got, a serendipitous error... and continued use!
    Eau d'Hermès -- What I meant to get.. late '90s!
    Aramis -- 1970s... I was a teen! I haven't worn it in 30 years.
    Drakkar Noir -- 1980s. I was in my 20s. I liked it because I thought it smelled of burnt rubber! I haven't worn it in 25 years.
    The next three I have only become acquainted with in the past year, but which I can't imagine being without:
    Tea For Two
    Encre Noire
    I don't know much about medicine, but I know what I like. -- S.J. Perelman

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    Default Re: 10 smells that define your life.....

    I dunno if scents can define anyone's life, but they can mark your tastes in life, whether foods, or places and such. And of course we have certain memories for each first time we ate our favorite food, or saw a favorite film/artwork, heard a favorite song, I think our favorite perfumes/colognes can do this.

    1. Brut Actif Blue - Borrowed from my father, wore this on my first official, curfewless, unchaperoned date, where she was driving, and I was younger and nervous, and a little too aggressive. Wore it on many early dates more successful than my 1st lol. Also the scent that led me to BN, when after buying a bottle on ebay just for memory sake, I tried to search to find out what the note was I liked in it, that led to BN.

    2. Polo Sport - first scent I payed for, first scent i really loved. bought plenty of the imitation and finally the real thing. plenty of great HS memories wearing this and it's imitations. To this day, my tastes have remained the same: Mint, citrus, seaweed/aquatic/algae, ginger, neroli, nutmeg. My liking Selection Verte, Erolfa, M7 fresh, Pour Le JeuneHomme, and Green Valley all are tracing back to polo sport.

    3. Cool Water - 2nd scent i really really went nuts for. all my lily/muguet/violetleaf/lyral scents owe cool water.

    4. Bowling Green - first green scent, never worn to any memorable event, just a daily workhorse that was the first scent that was dominated by one of my favorite notes of all time, Citral (the huge lemon note). Started wearing this more and more after I started smoking ganja, as 1st, i really liked it, and 2nd I thought it could cover the smell better than Nautica, polo sport, cool water, and my other scents.

    5. Hugo - wore this exclusively my junior and senior years of HS, it basically reminds me so much of 2 of my favorite gf, and sooo much fun. I think I wore this every time I ever got drunk in my life, and also wor the only times I've cheated on GF, neither of which is many. Only memoried scent which I don't keep a bottle of though, and now that I think about, I am hoping there is a certain negative moral memory associated to Hugo.

    6. Fierce - wore during college, got and gets the most compliments of any scent I've ever worn, and I'll always keep a bottle around. Currently i use this to scent the car.

    7. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue pour femme - probably the most worn of any scents by past GF's. and if they had it in their collection, I always liked when they wore it. Still to this day is one of my favorite scents, always will be.

    ***BN epiphany***

    8. Original Vetiver - first worthy green scent since Bowling Green, and the first scent that opened me up to paying more than $60 for cologne, also the first cologne that rang the cannabis bell, for a longtime ganjaman.

    9. Green Irish Tweed - finally found an ideal version of past fave Cool Water. first fragrance which made me test others for development and test all scents at mega-high doses to see heir true detail/nature over several weeks of development. This type of 40-spray testing was another epiphany for me.

    10. Creed Windsor - 3rd cologne to ring the cannabis bell. first scent that changed my tastes. I never liked prominent cedar or rose in any scent I'd tried previously, and never thought i'd shell out that kind of $$$ for cologne, but i did. Gladly.

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