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    This one probably haven't been mention much lately.

    Made famous by the novel "American Psycho", its considered to be a perfume ahead of its time.

    I haven't tried grey Flannel for a long while, 2 hours ago I put some on my wrist from a sample bottle...

    Whewww... pre-80s perfume does know how to make an entrance! Its so heady it makes me giddy. A few minutes later, it modulate to a baby lotion smell. None of the citrus are showing, not even barely, just that big violet in your face. Classic fragrance does reflect their generation: it dropped from top to basenotes in slow motion. You will never catch this fragrance changing, it takes hours to evolve! People in the past has more patient than the contemporary ones I guess.

    Now it has dry down, and its mouth is opening - some hidden notes are escaping... something bitter, can't really describe what it smells like. Maybe its the oakmoss? Reminds me of something... I have to figure this one out!

    On diffusion projection and longevity, GF has no match. Its bold and loud, something that only men above 40s can wear, as its of those barber shop scent. But its a barber shop with a mystery!

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    Default Re: Grey Flannel

    I happened to try it yesterday lunchtime - after a long round of strip-testing at Sephora, I chose this one to spray on my wrist and walked away. Somehow it stood out among all those designer frags that average out miscellaneous ingredients. I thought it had something green, dry, herbaceous.
    However, as I walked back to the office, I started smelling this potent violet; the green note was gone and there just was violet everywhere :, not disagreeable but IMO just a bit weird for masculine worktime use; once at the office I had to head right for the men's room and wash it out.
    Maybe I should have been braver; it was a bit of a shame not to continue the experiment, and it did seem like a quality fragrance.

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    Default Re: Grey Flannel

    I discovered Grey Flannel about three years ago when my best friend mentioned that it was one of his favorites. Now it is one of my favorites. I have a feeling I'll always have it in my wardrobe.

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    I really like it. Reminds me slightly of Fahrenheit.


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    This used to be one of my favorites. If it weren't so easily identifiable (where I live, at least), I would still wear it regularly.

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