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    Default New Boucheron 'Blue'

    Hi y'all-it's been awhile since my last posting, but some news here.

    Boucheron has released its new 'blue' versions of the signature Boucheron fragrance for men and women. The sample included in the new 'Belle' mag from HBC/The Bay(Canada) hinted at something nice and interesting as was last summers version of Jaipur.

    The mens 'Blue' is 70$ for 100ml or close to that.

    Be warned..the blues are coming.
    Choose to believe, choose joy.
    Scelga di credere, scelga la gioia.

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    Default Re: New Boucheron 'Blue'

    Be warned..the blues are coming.
    So, Black is dated and Blue is the new happening thing?
    All these moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.

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    Default Re: New Boucheron 'Blue'

    Hi all,

    What we need is a KICKASS! fragrance that PUMMELS you! We'll call it....


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    Default Re: New Boucheron 'Blue'

    Tom- LOL!!!!!!!

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