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    Default emperor's jade agata brown -opinions

    did you try this can you tell me something more about it ? i read a reviews by marlen and actually i have to say that im really attracted by this new frag ,unfortunately i think that isn't still available for the european countries ,any of the europeans here has found it ?

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    Default Re: emperor's jade agata brown -opinions

    Not a European but I've had it for several months now and worn it a few(got so many new sents I keep trying the newer ones) times and IMO, it's a great juice. I'm no good at describing notes but I like it and so did a few women at work . I got mine directly(thru the net) from AB.

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    Default Re: emperor's jade agata brown -opinions

    imperial jade emperor is good. it smells like its name. kind of exotic, cool, clean, pale green, jade-like if you can imagine jade having a smell. sweet and light, probably best in hot weather.

    it goes well as a pair with imperial jade empress, which i like better (on a woman).

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    Default Re: emperor's jade agata brown -opinions

    I found it to be sweet. VERY sweet. right off the bat I get a big hit of something that smells like grape flavoring and melon. as it dries down (it definitely has amazing longevity) I start to get the other notes, but it still remains extrememly fruity/sweet. I feel like if the sweetness were toned down a bit I would wear it, but its just a bit much for me. maybe I'll try it again in the summer in very small doses :-)

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    Default Re: emperor's jade agata brown -opinions

    Yeah, I was surprised at how sweet it was considering it was designed for the extra warm and humid weather. I really like the notes but find myself wishing they were a little less sweet. Agatha's conquest is one of my all time favorites however.

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