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    Default Fresco di Vetiver

    Out of the six i Profumi di Firenze samples I recently tried out, FdV grabbed top spot. *Nice and light, with a very subtle vetiver element. *Not abundant at all from what you'd assume from the title. *The vetiver takes a back seat perfectly. *Others also had appealing qualities. *Tobacco was not overly tobacco-like, reminded me very much of Trumpers Spanish Leather in fact. *Spezie de Medici is excellent. *Moderate pepper with an orange potpourri-like base. Nice, and a close second to the Vetiver. *Magnifico was green, aromatic and smelled very much like Garrigue. *Not bad. *The line is a ghost in decant auction land unfortunately.

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    Hey, John, how about duration of the FdV? A good SA told me it's the only really good one from the house, and thus he couldn't keep it in stock. I've got to go out there and see if it is back in I guess.

    I'm glad you've tried it and I'll value your further thoughts.
    That girl, that bottle, that mattress and me.

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    Hi all,

    Hey hey John and Chris! I just checked a note book where I sometimes write down my impressions of fragrances. I wish I had dated the entry (well over a year ago). I wrote the following : I PROFUMI DI FIRENZE *FRESCO DI VETIVER* WONDERFUL! $60.00 for a 50ml bottle- LUSCIOUSCARGO.COM
    No doubt this fragrance made a HUGH impression on me as I could recall which note book, where I keep it, and where in the book I wrote this entry! FRESCO DI VETIVER is without a doubt a TOP TEN'er! Simply OUTSTANDING! If you want something REAL special, give Marcy a call at LUSCIOUSCARGO.COM and order this Masterpiece!


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    Yep it's nice--still haven't gotten around to buying it though (the price has gone up to $79 I believe). Tobacco is excellent, too--one just needs to realize it's based on the flower (it has a nice boozy-ness to it). In general, I like a lot from this line and they are well crafted, but the $79 or so for 50ml bottle keeps me away at a safe distance. For now.
    The Bark Bites Back.

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    Pretty much concur with what has been said here. *Good stuff with a capital 'G'........ * Now the duration isn't second to none by a long shot. *Actually what you'd expect from this category of light Vetiver. *MPG's outstanding Racine is also a citrus based Vetiver but is denser and goes for ages. *They're completely different regardless, so that's actually a poor comparison. *Bottom line is that it remains quite noticable, for me, 6 - 8 hrs. minimum. *Not a powerhouse, but moderate. *Plently of time for such a pleasurable experience. *The 50 ml - $79.00 debacle is a toughie though. *I'm currently searching for decants with no success. *May just give up and plunge. *I can probably live with it.

    John *

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    John, Six(!), and Bark(!),

    Great having all of us on one thread, buds! Almost like old times!

    I'll be sure to check out the FdV, but yes indeed, that is some serious pricetag. Thanks for the longevity observations, John.
    That girl, that bottle, that mattress and me.

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