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    Trussardi Uomo(black faux leather bottle) is the only Trussardi that I like. Purchased a bottle about a month ago and it does seem weaker than I remembered it back in 1989. Back in 1989 it was much stronger,deeper,more tobacco.The new bottle seemed a little more 'tart' and the pimento much more pronounced. It's kinda hard to find but still in production/
    Top faves: Aramis Devin,Balenciage PH,Zino Davidoff,Trussardi Uomo,BlackXS,Sybaris,Furyo,HoHangClub,Santos Sport,KriziaSpazio,CarverVetiverDry,GIT,AmberSulta n,TeaForTwo,Dzing.
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    Default Re: Trussardi frags....

    Any info about the two Action scents ,please? (Action Uomo and Action Sport).
    No reviews and nothing to find in older discussions...
    By the way,it seems I am obsessed with the brand:I own bottles of Uomo,Python,L' Uomo,Inside Him,Jeans Men!!
    It's never too late to mend.


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