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    Default Your Favorite Tobacco and Why

    There's been a lot of talk of tobacco scents lately. But I wanted to get a good list down because I think this is my favorite note. Some else mentioned the difference between tobacco leaf and flower, I'm more interested in the leaf.

    So what say you?

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    Default Re: Your Favorite Tobacco and Why

    How about some wacky tabacky? .....joking....

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    Default Re: Your Favorite Tobacco and Why

    Dolce Gabbana PH - it smells like a just opened pack of cigarette. I'm not a cigarette smoker but I love that smell!

    Creed Vintage Tabarome - I can't say exactly why, but it just smells great.

    One I don't like is Versace Dreamer. It smells like a sweet burning pipe tobacco. (I do like pipe tobacco, however!).

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    Default Re: Your Favorite Tobacco and Why

    Dolce & Gabbana ph- love it been meaning to pick up a bottle for awhile now

    Baldessarini- another favorite, a much softer flowery tobacco

    Realities for men- Similiar to D&G but lighter and doesn't develop but great for the price

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    Default Re: Your Favorite Tobacco and Why

    I was lucky last year to nab a bottle of Tobacco by Santa Maria Novella (on eBay, thankyouverymuch). This was a limited production scent sold for a short period of time.

    It is the strongest, headiest, dirtiest, funkiest tobacco scent fragrance in my wardrobe. A head turner? Ney, a head shrinker.

    I can only wear it those times I know I am going to be alone. It is just. That. potent.

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    Default Re: Your Favorite Tobacco and Why

    Havana and Vintage Tabarome are my two favorite tobacco scents. These are rich and "moist" like freshly picked tobacco leaf.

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    Default Re: Your Favorite Tobacco and Why

    The original Montana Parfum D' Homme is my favorite tobacco fragrance.
    I'll also jump in the Vintage Tabarome bandwagon. A true classic!
    I've never smelled Feuilles de Tabac, but it's gotten rave reviews. They say it smells like fresh tobacco leaf.
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    Default Re: Your Favorite Tobacco and Why

    I'm not a tobacco fan, and kind of dislike Dreamer and D&G Pour Homme, but Le Dandy is an excellent fragrance. Haven't tried Vintage Tabarome yet.

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    Default Re: Your Favorite Tobacco and Why

    Vintage Tabarome - power and powerful

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    Default Re: Your Favorite Tobacco and Why

    Michael Kors.
    Very, very classy. And sexy!

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    Default Re: Your Favorite Tobacco and Why

    My fav tobacco is Samuel Gawith Squadron Leader (Dunhill'd My Mixture 965 being a close second).

    As for fragrance, I'd pick Michael Kors and Zino (these are matured and flavoured pipe tobacco) - for cold weather and Havana FM (it's more of Dominicana, not Cuban cigar leaf) for summertime.
    (Not smelled either Tabarome)

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    Default Re: Your Favorite Tobacco and Why

    Santa Maria Novella´s Acqua di Cuba. Although there are many haters (and lovers - VI Felines!) I really enjoy this mellow and humid take on tobacco.

    Dreamer´s melange of tobacco & tarragon is beautiful as well.


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    Default Re: Your Favorite Tobacco and Why

    Tobacco flower - Ralph Lauren Purple Label
    Tobacco Leaf (wet leaves) - Vintage Tabarome
    Tobacco Leaf (dry leaves) - Miller Harris, Havana
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    Default Re: Your Favorite Tobacco and Why

    Both Creed Tabaromes. I think I like the vintage one a little more, but they're both amazing!

    Havana is also incredible.

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    Default Re: Your Favorite Tobacco and Why

    Miller Harris' Feuilles de Tabac is very nice. It's a little on the sweet side, however, and even sweeter in the drydown. A woman who smelled it on me once told me she thought it was the sexiest thing she'd ever smelled on a man. Go know! It has some citrus in it that lifts it up; not a heavy tobacco.

    Le Dandy is classic and very elegant, mixes tobacco with whisky and a bunch of other things that make a wonderful accord. I feel upbeat and a little rakish when I wear it.

    Michael for Men, I must say, really impresses me. It mixes the tobacco with what smells to me like cognac. I like it because it smells deep, warm, and very masculine without making a fuss about it.

    Hope that helps!
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    Default Re: Your Favorite Tobacco and Why

    My favorite is Miller Harris's Fueilles de Tabac. Lasts forever and is heavy and rich. The tobacco scent I wear most is Creed's recent Tabarome though. Light, long lasting, and beautiful blend of interesting other things; ginger, for example.
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    Default Re: Your Favorite Tobacco and Why

    Feuilles de Tabac and Michael for Men (Micheal Kors) are definitely the top two for me.

    Serge Lutens' Fumerie Turque is right there too, but it goes a little sweet in the drydown. Still, it's an extaordinary scent - very dark and smoky at first then mellowing into an exotic oriental with notes of honey and cherry.

    Vintage Tabarome is truly excellent and unlike anything else I own, but it doesn't smell like tobacco to me. Maybe like an idealized impression of cigar smoke, but it isn't very similar to the other tobacco scents.

    DK Fuel/Men is also very good, and very similar to Michael for Men. I tend to prefer Michael as Fuel is almost too strong at times, but Fuel is probably more "interesting" with the strange motor oil note at the top, and a more distinct leather note.

    I've been disappointed with Czech and Speake Cuba, which smells a lot like nail polish remover in the top notes (is that supposed to be rum?) I'm also not crazy about Havana, despite the praise it gets here. Not a bad scent, but it's lodged firmly behind the other tobaccos in the cue.

    I have a decant of Le Dandy but I also don't remember a lot of tobacco from that one. I need to spend more time with it.

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    Default Re: Your Favorite Tobacco and Why

    Thanks for the replies everyone.

    I personally love Michael by Michael Kors and New Tabarome.

    Old Tabarome is just too strong, and I honestly have trouble detecting tobacco in Le Dandy, even though I love it.

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    Default Re: Your Favorite Tobacco and Why

    Miller Harris's Fueilles de Tabac is by far my favorite, though I am dying to try Santa Maria Novella´s Acqua di Cuba.

    Fueilles de Tabac avoids some of the sharper, acrid aspects of the tobacco accord, and instead focuses on the smoother, richer aspects of the note. My father used to smoke a pipe, and this fragrance always reminds me of the sweet, rich, almost floral smell of his tobacco. It's just gorgeous.
    I usually go very subtle with my fragrances, so I don't receive a lot of feedback on them, but this one has gotten raves. Once in an elevator, and once at work I have had women comment on how nice it smells. The two women at work really responded well and asked me what I was wearing. Unfortunately I had to admit that I didn't know how to pronounce it. HAHA.
    And my wife's exact comment we, "Throw the rest away - that's the only thing you are allowed to wear from now on." Yikes!

    In distant second I give props to The Dreamer, and Michael for Men.
    Not a big fan at all of D&G.

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    Default Re: Your Favorite Tobacco and Why

    I like the soft tobacconote in Duel [smiley=annick.gif].

    I would really love to try Le Dandy. It sounds very interesting.
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