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    Default G.VETIVER,wonderful!Not for young people?NOT TRUE!

    Hey friends, today I've just bought Guerlain Vetiver, and I am absolutely LOVING it!

    It's kind of strange because when I tried this one time ago for the first time, I felt like this frag was not for me it was too "dirty" and "grassy"... then I insisted and tried it several times again(never did this with other fragrances) and all of a sudden thought that this HAS TO be my next purchase and become my signature scent!

    Today I've bought it and indeed am falling in love with it!
    I feel kind of sorry for my other bottles because I think since I discoverd Vetiver and am liking it SO much, I think I am not going to touch other frags for a long while... ;D BTW why some people said Vetiver is not for young people?

    It's NOT TRUE.

    I am 23 myself and I think this scent fits me perfectly, both at work and at university.
    It's not like most today's modern and synthetically "young smelling" fragrances but it's not "old-smelling" either at all, I'd rather say that it has personality and very natural.

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    Default Re: G.VETIVER,wonderful!Not for young people?NOT T

    One of my all-time favorites.

    Of course, I am an older dude now... but it has been one of my faves since I was younger.

    Things were different when I was young , sonny...
    Yr good bud,


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    Default Re: G.VETIVER,wonderful!Not for young people?NOT T

    I've been wearing fragrances since the late 1960's and I never associated a fragrance with age.

    I wore "old" and "young" men's fragrances when I was young and I wear "old" and "young" men's frangrances now. Age is absolutely irrelevant.

    I sampled Guerlain Vetiver in the mid-1980's when Habit Rouge was my signature scent. I hated it. I rediscovered it in 2005 and I now love it.

    This reminds me of my first impressions of the three Guerlain men's fragrances that were in all the department stores in the early 1980's (Pierre Cardin was my signature scent at the time). I thought Habit Rouge smelled like Lemon Pledge furniture polish, Imperial smelled like Citonella insect repellent and Vetiver smelled like something vile!! I couldn't understand what kind of a fragrance house Guerlain was and I was shocked when I saw that they made Shalimar. I then just figured that their men's fragrance department was weird!!

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    Default Re: G.VETIVER,wonderful!Not for young people?NOT T

    I dig GV too! It's what I would imagine heaven to smell like - clean, earthy and fresh. Oh, and one more thing, it has the best staying power on my skin over all colognes/edt's I have tried. In fact, I sprayed the top of my hand with GV 13 hours ago (I swear) and I still can smell this awesome scent.

    I like your attitude for being so young - that's the pioneer spirit! 8-)

    ~ mm
    Peace ~ Markymark

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    Default Re: G.VETIVER,wonderful!Not for young people?NOT T

    Anything can be for young ones if you want it to be. I'm a believer that age, style and maturity are all relevant to scent choice. It just depends on the impression you want to make on people. Regardless of whether you care they do, people do judge man by their scent.

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    Default Re: G.VETIVER,wonderful!Not for young people?NOT T

    Could not get behind this one. Instead, it got behind me and kicked up the wazoo (and had to be scoured off, unfortunately). There was a fruit tendency at the top that bothered me, as did the dampness (though a sunny dampness to be sure) that worked in concert with the orangey note to produce something just this side of seaside treat. My loss.

    The only vetiver I can do is dry, and of the two mainstays in that subset, I have to go with Malle's, less prickly than the Lutens.

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