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    Quote Originally Posted by The Bark
    [quote author=FatTony link=1141139162/15#25 date=1141226216]Bark - educate me! What type/part of tobacco am I liking in the DG PH and Feeling Man? I assumed it was tobacco leaf...

    Ballard - I have the Burberry, but I don't recall a significant tobacco note. I'll wear it today to investigate.

    Thanks for the rec's everyone!

    I would say it's probably more from the flower, though I'm not positive. To me, it's got the same sort of feel as i Profumi's version, which is made of the blonde Nicotiana flower from Umbria (according to But I really, truly believe Le Dandy is the scent you should be trying to get a sample of. I wore it today and it's just in a class by itself. [/quote]
    I agree, Le Dandy was the only scent which left me completely satisfied after the first sniff

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    Quote Originally Posted by scentimus
    I had a scent designed for me by Sonoma Scent Studio based completely on Cherry Tobacco. *It is now available to the public and is very popular now being unisex. * The scent is very rich enveloping of pipe tobacco, patchouli, and a touch of smoke. *I was very picky when I had it designed for myself.

    You should give it a try.

    *Tabac Extreme, Special Edition previously called Tabac pour homme
    Dry, woodsy, earthy, masculine blend of cherry tobacco, sandalwood, Indonesian patchouli, woodsmoke. It was originally created as a men's scent to fill a custom request for a blend that included notes of cherry tabac and patchouli, but women often enjoy this scent too. Exclusive blend. Special Edition.
    Thanks! Just placed an order. What was your overall impression of it? It's funny, I bought some cherry tobacco not too long ago just to smell burning (I don't smoke). I picked a sample of fireside which sounds pretty good, too.
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    Default Re: Tobacco, but not just any tobacco


    I think I missed this thread. Already create new thread under Havana but I think this thread is the right one. I love Havana because of tobacco and bayrum on it. Since it's been discontinued , I am looking something not exactly similar but at least close.

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    I can't recommend enough you try Miller Harris Feuilles de Tabac. If you want I can send you a sample. PM me and I will get it to you. I think you will love it, even though it is not really similar to D&G PH. It's one of the best tobacco scents ever made.
    And also Tabac Blond, but I don't have a sample to give you as a little sample is all I have.
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    Default Re: Tobacco, but not just any tobacco

    Another vote for Michael Kors. I don't get much tobacco from some fragrances that are supposed to have tobacco notes, such as D&G PH, Guerlain Vetiver and Dreamer (I get a stronger pepper note from the first two). But I get very strong tobacco from Michael Kors and I love it. Ironically, I hate the smell of tobacco SMOKE.

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    Default Re: Tobacco, but not just any tobacco

    S.Tacchini - Stile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueOcean
    To me the nicest tobacco frag is Baldessarini (Eau de Cologne Concentrée). The tobacco not becomes more and more noticeable the further the frag reaches its basenotes. Nice mixture of patchouli and tobacco! *8-)

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    Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme is a good citrus+tobacco smell. Not only that but it does smell sexy. XD
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    Default Re: Tobacco, but not just any tobacco

    The best tobacco-based fragrance I know is Ambre Russe by Parfums d'Empire, followed by Creed Vintage Tabarome (not the Millesime!). Zino by Zino Davidoff is an excellent one, too.

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