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Thread: Please Suggest!

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    Default Please Suggest!

    Hello guys, ive got some money to spend so i though i will ask for suggestion. I go to the university so i need you guys to suggest some nice ones.

    People have liked hugo boss, desire blue, swiss army and polo sport on me. Suggest new ones as well as old ones please.

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    Gucci PH, Azzaro Visit, Michael Kors are always nice heavy orientals for this weather.

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    Default Re: Please Suggest!

    Why not add a classic to your wardrobe like Paco Rabanne PH or Azzaro PH?

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    Default Re: Please Suggest!

    I think you should take it easy, go for safe scents...
    I recommend:
    Bvlgari pour homme
    Davidoff Echo
    Polo Blue
    Lacoste pour homme
    For something stronger: Gucci Envy, Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male

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    Default Re: Please Suggest!

    I love Polo Blue, true, but so do 7,000,000,000.3 other woman, and so their bfs all wear it.

    For daytime I like Gendarme and Bulgari pour Homme.

    For night, Boucheron Jaipur(applied lightly, please)
    Please, spritz responsibly.

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    Summer is comming up so I would suggest some fresher scents. I think Gendarme, Chrome, Voleur de Roses(you said you had money), GIT, Geir(they say it smells like Tommy according to recent posts), Eau Sauvage...

    Those are some that might interest you...

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    Platinum Egoiste for you. Definetely.

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