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    Default Question about aftershave substitute

    I am a little embarrassed to ask this * :-[ *because I know somebody has probably asked this before: but is there any reason to NOT wear an Eau de Toilette as an aftershave? Would it be too strong? *
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    Default Re: Question about aftershave substitute

    That, and you really shouldn't use anything based on alcohol as an aftershave. That includes Whisky!

    After shaving, your skin is raw and unprotected, since the blade usually exfoliates your skin too. What you should use is a good, nourishing lotion.

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    Default Re: Question about aftershave substitute

    There's a few fairly weak EDTs around, and you can probably get away with using them. But for standard strength one's your face will probably suffer ( what's the point of smelling good if it looks like you've just come down with in a nasty rash?).

    You can certainly try some EDTs, and if it doesn't affect you adversely, then there is no real problem.

    When I want matching aftershave, I just spray a few squirts of EDT into fragrance neutral balms (like Nivea for Men Extrasensitive or Rexona for Men), mix it around and apply. This works reasonably well for most scents, though some do have various notes clipped off.

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    Default Re: Question about aftershave substitute

    I would never use alcohol (aftershave) on your face as it will age you and simply dries your skin. Nivea is a great line and does not compete with your EDT. I would not spray the EDT on your face though, maybe neck and chest area and even your clothes if you need more longevity. Even after shaving, EDT's do not bother my neck area which was shaven.
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    Default Re: Question about aftershave substitute

    My preference is for alcohol-based aftershaves and have found St. Johns West Indian Lime Cologne the perfect universal aftershave.

    They do make a separate aftershave product, however the EDC has the same low alcohol content - just enough to do the job - and comes in a larger flacon that is very economical. A bottle lasts around six months. The EDC also has more fragrant oil than the specific aftershave product, yet being pure lime extract it's completely gone in 15 minutes no matter how much you put on. A great alternative to using bland unscented balms. Very pleasant, impossible to overdose, disappears, and never in conflict with your SOTD.

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    Default Re: Question about aftershave substitute

    It just depends on what type of skin yo have. Mine is rather greasy and I simply cannot use after shaving creams. I need alcohol and I do prefer using Edt. My fav is Givenchy pour Monsieur, with a syphon.

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