I had a really weird experience today with a decant of CdG3 that I got from a fellow Basenoter. The decant arrived on Monday and smelled great. I wore it Monday and Tuesday, no problem. Today (Thursday) I wore it to work... and it also smelled fine. This evening, approximately 12 hours later, I sprayed some on, and it was completely "off"... It smelled totally rancid! Not even close to being acceptable!

I've never heard of a scent going "off" so suddenly! I'm thinking that when the decant was made, something must have contaminated the juice, in whatever way. I don't blame the fellow Basenoter -- I'm the one who asked for a decant of CdG3 specifically in a swap -- they didn't even have it listed as available for swap... I'm just trying to figure out what could've happened to make it go so completely bad in such an incredibly short period of time!

Any suggestions, or similar incidents to compare with...?