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    Default Jean Pascal...A Review & a Fairy Tale!

    I got mine today and many thanks to Chuck for introducing us to this fine scent, and Vijay for making ordering it such a pleasure. He threw in some very fine samples, too.

    I agree with the impressions of this scent already is indeed an "80s" type of masuline, power scent but doesn't smell dated or overpowering. It seemed to get better and better as time went on.

    My real kick from it, though, is the bottle! For those who haven't seen a picture, it's a dark green bottle wrapped up in a real, dark leather vest! And because it's a full 4 ounces, it comes across pretty darn...ahhhmm...butch!

    So, in my twisted brain, I started an imaginary conversation tonight with Mr. Pascal and my other frags after the lights are turned out and I'm fast asleep in bed...

    "Good heavens! Who let THAT brute in?" exclaimed Ma Griffe to Monsieur Carven, eyeballing JP out of the corner of her eye..

    "Shut yer little piehole, Ma! Now listen up, you french poodles! Yes, I'm talking to you, 'Coco!' I expect you to shape up and start smellin' better for your master! A few of you (staring directly at 'Lolita') are just one spray away from the Swaplist anyway! Now hit the dirt and give me 20! Come on, you pussies, my GRANDMOTHER can go faster than that!"

    "Oh dear," says the androgynous Eau de Merveilles, rolling his/her eyes towards Jicky. "I can't take too much of this!"

    So anyway, Pascal becomes such a hard taskmaster than the other brutes in the collection--John Henry Lauder, Habit Rogue, and the feared Puig boys from Spain...basically gang up on him and tell him to shut the f*** up and quit being such a dick or they'll take his lid off at night so he slowly evaporates. Jean mumbles and grumbles but eventually learns how to play nice with others and they all live happily ever after!

    However, the elderly and lonely Ms. Shalimar cannot resist an occasional furtive glance at Mr. Pascal, bittersweetly recalling her own misspent youth, and wishing she were several decades younger...

    OK, and in response to a poster, JP is a STUD instead of BUTCH! lol

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    Default Re: Jean Pascal...A Review & a Fairy Tale!


    Santos Concentree and Trussardi Uomo are the "enforcers" in my collection, keeping everybody else in line...the men in black.

    Great story, btw. ;D
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    Default Re: Jean Pascal...A Review & a Fairy Tale!

    Now don't get me wrong. I love my new bottle of Jean Pascal both the leather clad bottle and the fab contents but it has been my experience that the more leather one is wearing, the more butch one might appear but in fact...appearances do deceive. Just last night, my butch little bottle of Jean Pascal was caught in the following conversation with my bottle of Bois d Iris (redolent in black leather)

    "....well, quite frankly Mary, I've always preferred the action of a Baldwin over a Steinway..."

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    Default Re: Jean Pascal...A Review & a Fairy Tale!

    I suppose Azzaro and Tuscany are the goombah's in my cabinet, and Vintage Tabarome is the 19th C. soccer hooligan. Anteaus and Derby got their back.

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    Default Re: Jean Pascal...A Review & a Fairy Tale!

    Ballardbeau, I don't know what you do for a living but I bet you would be making more money writing fantasy story books *;D.

    Thanks for the review and glad you liked the juice and the bottle.

    Griff you could Ballardbeau's editor, that combination would be a killer *.

    BN members that want to look at the picture of the "Butch" bottle can go to Chucks thread *

    Griff was kind enough to post a picture on this thread by Setamp.

    Lightninrod's thread on the juice is in *;start=all

    Basenoters that are interested in the other threads about the juice. Griff's thread is in

    Setamp's thread on Agatha Brown's samples and Jean Pascal sample availability is in


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    Default Re: Jean Pascal...A Review & a Fairy Tale!

    Dave....That was F-ing Hilarious....good to have another JP fan....I agree.

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    Default Re: Jean Pascal...A Review & a Fairy Tale!

    I think of my JP as a STUD and NOT "butch" ;D !

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    Default Re: Jean Pascal...A Review & a Fairy Tale!

    Quote Originally Posted by rjrober22
    Dave....That was F-ing Hilarious....good to have another JP fan....I agree.
    Thanks Bob! It was your great review that convinced me to buy this one to start with.

    And ok, stud...butch...I can go either way!

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