People might have read my former post on the short-lived Parfum on my skin (2-3 hours), and I have been in search for the ultimate expression of the fragrance and bought the PdT version of Jicky.

I tried the two, side by side on the back of each wrist. The two versions of each scent are a heartbeat apart of one another, the parfum holding a greater insistence of lavender, where the PdT evolves quicker to the more animalic notes of civet. After an hour, they both evolve to the spicy, woodsy, vanillic, Arpege-esque elements that links us Basnoters in rapture.

Depends on what you want, if you prefer the lavender notes to last longer, or the vanillic spicy elements to prevail. As for my own personal preference, I prefer the latter in it's Arpege-like presence (or similar to it since Jicky was created in another century), and with the larger bottle of 50 ml of PdT to savor and be more liberal with. They last the same, just with subtle composition differences. Get that which you gravitate towards most, but the end result is always sexy, but your end result is generally 2-3 hours, at least on my skin.

I expected more, but the end result was welcomed, yet arrived to the same conclusion.